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Bigelow French Vanilla Tea

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So Soothing


There is so many benefits you can get from drinking Bigelow French Vanilla Tea. This tea has a very relaxing and tranquil effect. The sweet aromatic french vanilla they have blended with their fresh tea leaves has been known to have very soothing and calming effects, some people even use vanilla to help them alleviate mild muscle aches.



French Vanilla at its best!


Bigelow French Vanilla tea is another of my favorite teas.  It is a black tea and comes packaged in individual fresh packs which helps keeps the flavor at its finest.  It has such a distinctive taste with a rich and robust vanilla flavor.  It has both natural and artificial flavors but it is blended in the USA.  This one is not decaf but I believe you can find it in decaf.  I like anything with vanilla in it and to have a vanilla tea makes my day!  I love to have a cup of this tea mid-afternoon, it has such a refreshing flavor and you can actually smell the vanilla in it.  Like it says on the box "a sure way to please your senses and enchant your taste buds."

Union, ME


No Sugar Needed


Bigelow French Vanilla tea comes in a box of 20 individually wrapped tea bags.  They are black tea, naturally and artificially flavored (soy lecithin), and are gluten free.  The directions show that they can be used to make hot tea or iced tea. The aroma from a cup of Bigelow French Vanilla hot tea is very pleasing. Many people compliment the smell when I bring my cup of tea into a meeting at work.  The taste is extremely good and is flavorful enough that sugar is not needed (good way to reduce calories). Some stores do not carry the French Vanilla flavor (not available in my super Wal Mart), but I can always find it at my local grocery store, Publix.  Bigelow also makes a Vanilla Caramel flavor which I don't care for as much as the French Vanilla. I find the individually wrapped tea bags to be very convenient to carry in my purse or take with me when I travel. Bigelow teas are a little pricey.  I rarely see sales or coupons. They are blended and packed in the USA. Yeah!!!

Ocala, FL


Relaxing Sweet Taste


One way I love to relax, is having a hot cup of **Bigelow French Vanilla Tea** after a long day.  Tea is great for the body and lets you relax and drift away from your stress.  This tea has a slightly sweet taste and a richness of vanilla.  I like this as a substitute for flavored coffee or lattes, and it is calorie free.  This is a great way to enjoy a sweet taste of dessert in a relaxing drink.  It is the perfect way to pamper yourself.

Las Vegas, NV


My cup of tea


Bigelow's French Vanilla Tea is a delightfully pleasant tea to drink and relax.  I tend to drink tea whenever I don't feel good or am a bit down.  This tea is mellow and comforting.  You don't need o let the tea bag sit very long in a steaming cup of water before it turns a rich, dark color.  The aroma of this tea is like hot vanilla icing.  Yum!  There are no calories and does contain healthy antioxidants.  Add a little sugar and milk to bring out the delicious vanilla flavors.  So sit back, relax and enjoy the wonderful aroma and soothing flavor of this delightful cup of tea.

Downieville, CA


Bigelow French Vanilla Tea

4.8 5