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Ace All Purpose Duck Tape Strong, Sticky And Waterproof

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Good for some jobs


We use duck tape for a wide variety of projects, but I have found that I only like to use this particular duck tape on certain types of projects. It is pretty strong, so I have found that I can rely on it for projects that require that strength. For instance, I recently needed to pull a wire through from one electrical box to another. I had a wire I was pulling out, so I taped the end of the new wire to the end of the old wire. Even though the wire needed to be pulled through small holes in the box that were not much bigger than the taped wires, the tape still held well enough pulling it through the holes. But on the downside, this tape can leave a sticky residue behind on some materials. For pulling wire, it didn't matter because I trimmed the end off the wire anyway. It also doesn't matter if I am permanently taping something to hold it together or seal a break. But it is irritating if I am temporarily taping something and then want to take the tape off.



An All Purpose Duck Tape But Splits Easily


One of the things that I hate about using any type of tape is when the edges start too split or tear unevenly. I needed a couple of rolls of duck tape to use over insulation that I was wrapping around pipes in the basement. Normally this would be a ten minute job to do but because the pipes are about two inches from the wall I had to cut the pieces of tape, slide them behind the insulation and wrap them around the front. This worked well but the tape would split or fray often; it is super sticky and it did a great job of keeping the insulation in place through the winter. The look of it really didn't matter to me because this was being used in the basement so the frays and strings weren't an issue but the splitting was. When it split I had to peel off the uneven sections and start over; if I didn't the split section would just keep getting wider and wider. I bought a four pack of this when I was at Ace; I could have spent a little more on a name brand tape but I figured I would give this a try to see how it worked on the insulation. Since there was an outer layer of paper on the insulation it had a smooth surface to adhere to, if it were being applied to something that was textured or uneven I'm not sure how well with would have worked. When I got this they had a couple of different widths available; most of the sizes were sold individually as well as in multiple roll packs. If I need an all purpose duck tape in the future and don't care about how it looks when applied I will get this if I am near an Ace store.



Ace All Purpose Duck Tape Strong, Sticky And Waterproof

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