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vented cookie sheets

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Great Sheets for Baking Cookies!


I love my vented cookie sheets, and use them quite often. They were a gift that I received when I was getting married. Ten years later, and I am still using the same sheets and they still work just as they did way back then! Something about the air circulating in between the layers makes for perfectly baked cookies that aren't burnt on the bottom. I can bake on these right alongside traditional kinds of metal baking sheets and the vented ones always make for better cookies. Vented cookie sheets are also easy to clean. Most things that I bake on these sheets just scrapes off pretty easily. One thing about the vented sheets that you'll want to pay attention to when cleaning them is that water can get stuck in between the layers. Just give them a shake to put them away to make sure this isn't the case. If you do see water coming out, just shake out what water you can and then let them air dry for longer before you put them away.



vented cookie sheets

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