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up & up Multipurpose No Rub Contact Solution

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Great & cheap


I love how the Up&Up brand is consistently as good as name brand products, but often times a fraction of the price. I don't have any issues with my eyes other than near-sightedness, and this contact solution is a great no-frills variety. Even though it says "No Rub", like many "No Rub" solutions, I still need to rub my contacts to get them clean though. For the price though, this solution is very much worth it.




up & up Multipurpose No Rub Contact Solution is nothing special!


I'm on a mission to find the best contact lens solution, so I've recently tried a plethora of brands in an attempt to find "the one", but one thing is for sure - I can cross this up & up contact lens solution off the list. Since this is a "multi-purpose" solution, it cleans, rinses, disinfects, removes proteins and stores contact lenses. While **up & up Multipurpose No Rub Contact Solution** isn't a *bad* solution, it isn't great either. When I wear contacts, my eyes get dry and irritated within about 4 hours. My goal is to find a solution that extends the wear of my contacts since changing contacts and re-wetting drops hasn't done anything. My experience with this contact lens solution has led me to believe that it is totally average and very comparable to others I've tried. Every so often, it would make my eyes burn, but in all honesty, other brands have done that too. The majority of the time I use this, I do get normal, non-burning results. So far, my favorite is Bausch & Lomb Renu Fresh. It makes my eyes more comfortable for longer. As for **up & up Multipurpose No Rub Contact Solution**, I probably won't be buying another bottle since there's another brand out there I like better.


Camp Lejeune, NC


up & up Multipurpose No Rub Contact Solution

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