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Complete Multi-Purpose Solution Easy Rub Formula

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Never Again!


I have used this product for years, but not any more. I opened a new container, expires 7/31/2018, rubbed and soaked according to directions, put them in the next morning only to have my eyes feel like they are on fire. I don't know what's wrong with it, but did some reading and has happened before, blaming people for using the Complete Care Peroxide. I did not. It is the one I have bought for years. No mistakes. My eye hurts today...hope it gets better.


Chicago, IL


Complete Contact Solution


Overall, this is a good contact solution. There are a few advantages and disadvantages of using it though. One of the advantages is that the contact solution is great at cleaning the contacts. It's also good at disinfecting. My contacts are very clear after using this contact solution. It's also decently priced. The main disadvantage that I notice after using Complete contact solution is that it isn't very good at keeping the contacts moist. My eyes are dry quicker than when I use other types of contact solution. I don't recommend for people who struggle with dry eyes. It's good to use for contacts that need disinfecting. It's also good to use on a daily basis, but not if you struggle with dry eyes. I recommend trying it out before purchasing or switching to this brand. It's great overall and the price is cheaper than other brands but I still have problems with the dryness of the contacts after use.




Complete is inexpensive, but works just as good as the others!


I can only wear contact lenses for a couple hours. After that, my eyes get dry, red, irritated and feel like I have dust and debris in them. I've tried new contacts and re-wetting drops, but they don't help, so I'm testing out different contact lens solutions in an attempt to solve my problem. **Complete Multi-Purpose Solution Easy Rub Formula** doesn't seem to work any better than other contact lens solutions that I've tried, but I'm giving it 4 stars instead of 3 for two reasons. One reason being that it's cheaper than other brands that do the exact same thing and leave my eyes feeling the exact same way, so why pay more? The other reason I find this contact lens solution to be above average is because you get a free contact lens storage case inside every box. So, it's not only cheaper, but you're actually getting more. Since **Complete Multi-Purpose Solution Easy Rub Formula** didn't solve my problem, I will continue to try out other brands of contact lens solution. If I don't find one that's better, I'll buy this one again.


Camp Lejeune, NC


Complete Multi- Purpose Contact Lens Solution: Ready to Rub?


When it comes to contact lens storage and cleaning, there are a large number of products from which to choose with price tags that reflect brand name more than anything. One brand I have used and found satisfactory is **Complete Multi- Purpose Contact Solution**. **Contact Solution Commentary:** ** ** Complete Multi- Purpose Contact Solution is so- named because it is a complete contact care product that cleans, disinfects, rinses, and stores contacts during the night or when otherwise not in use. With this product, you do not need a separate cleaner. You just rub a small amount on each lens and then use the solution to store the lenses. Complete Multi- Purpose Contact Solution is a pretty good product overall and my eyes certainly feel comfortable after my lenses have been rinsed and stored using this solution. I like that I can do everything with a product like this and that I don't need any separate cleaners. There is a contact case included also, if you happen to need one. ** ** As for cons, Complete Multi- Purpose Contact Solution is not a no- rub product and this may surprise some consumers when they buy this and use it for the first time. When you see the word "complete", you automatically assume there is no need to rub, but that is not the case with this solution. The price is a little steep, too, and part of the reason is the included contact case. I don't always need a new case, so I tend to buy this solution on a limited basis. ** ** **Bottom- Line Viewpoint:** ** ** Complete Multi- Purpose Contact Solution is a good, useful product for contact lens care and it sufficiently cleans and stores contacts so that eyes feel comfortable. You do have to rub manually and if you buy the product continuously, you will have an excess supply of contact cases. Still, this is a good product overall and certainly worth trying.


Houston, TX


Simple and effective!


I have been wearing soft contact lenses for quite a few years and in that time I have used a few different brands of soaking/cleaning solutions. Although I have seemed to have pretty good luck with almost all I have tried, Amo Complete multi-purpose solution seems to suit my eyes needs the best. I have to count on my contacts being comfortable and clean everyday in order to function. If they are not up to standard, then I cannot go about my life the way I need to. I really like this particular brand because it always leaves my contacts renewed and fresh every morning. It seems to also keep them more comfortable longer so that I am not going through my disposable lenses nearly as quickly. I have yet to experience any eye irritations because this formula is so gentle. I often use it as eye drops just to moisten my eyes and contacts. I also like how often there is a new case inside each box for free. It is nice to have a new one to replace my older, dirtier one or have an extra one around for travel. While it is a little bit pricier than some other solutions that are available, I think it is worth every penny for the happy eyes I have.


Cedar City, UT


Great product


I love this contact solution because it comes in single packs or doubles, making it an affordable and convenient product. It is very simple to use. It comes with a free contact lens case with each bottle. It often goes on sale at drug stores and the website also has a coupon available. It doesn't always clean my contacts thoroughly, but I have yet to find a contact solution that leaves my contacts totally perfect in the morning after I've let them soak overnight. Many contact solutions claim to be no-rub, when really, you do have to rub them to get off any proteins that may have built up after hours of use. I like this solution because it's easy on my eyes and doesn't leave them feeling dry, irritated, or uncomfortable, which is exactly what I need since I wear them for over 12 hours a day. You can't always give your eyes a rest when you're on the go, so this contact solution is perfect for people who like low maintenance.


Springfield, MA


AMO (Advanced Medical Optics) Multi-Purpose Solution


I'm getting older and my eyes are getting drier; it happens to everyone. So I no longer wear my contacts every day, only for a few hours at a time. I'm using AMO's product at this time. It is a good, average, multi-purpose solution. I haven't noticed any burning or stinging. They say it's "No Rub" but I'm in the habit of giving my soft lenses a little rub a dub anyway and they come out just fine. HOWEVER: they do not seem to soak well in this solution. Is it the solution or is it that I leave them too long? You would think that they would stay preserved practically forever in clean solution in a covered case. But after several days I cannot use the same lens again, they burn my eyes. It may the quality/intended use of the lens (daily wear) and nothing to do with this solution.  AMO also offers a "Moisture PLUS" solution, I may try that next time in the hopes of getting a little more relief.


Glendale, CA


Great product for the value


I've used this product a few times over the past few years.  I want my contacts to be clean and feel like nothing when I put them in, so I have a pretty high standard for contact solution.  This solution was cheaper than the other brands, so I immediately bought it.  I was very impressed with how clear my contacts came out the next day.  I hardly ever had a day where I couldn't put my contacts in because of dirt or other issues.  This solution really helped clean my contacts overnight without much rubbing at all. Each morning, I inspect my contacts for defects and I never once found one while usign this product.  I am very impressed.  Even when left in the solution for a few days, the contacts still came out nice and clean without any stinging when I put them in my eyes.   I also liked the bottle design.  I sometimes forget to recap my bottle, but this cap was so easy to remember, so I never left it uncapped. 


La Crosse, WI


Quality cleaning and enhanced comfort of contact lenses.


I have been wearing contact lenses for years. Quite often I suffer from extremely dry eyes while wearing my contact lenses. In fact, I had been going through that for for several months. I generally use a no rub cleaning and disinfecting solution. Recently I purchased a bottle of Complete Multi Purpose because it was on sale. After reading the box I was disappointed to learn that I had to rub the lenses with the solution, rather than simply squirting the solution into a case and dropping in my contact lenses. I know it does not seem like a big deal, but its much easier to simply drop the lenses in without having to rub them. I had thought to myself that I would not purchase this product again. I was just reading some reviews about this product and read some comments on how the eyes don't dry out as much with the product. That's when it hit me that for the last week or so my eyes have not had the severe dryness that I had been experiencing just prior to using this product. It will take some more testing to determine just how much of a difference this product really makes, but it does seem to make a difference in the dryness of my contact lenses. To be honest, I generally purchase what is best priced at the moment and never really gave much thought to how each products affects the dryness of my lenses. Needless to say, I will be paying close attention to that from now on. Tentatively, I think this product is a winner.


Philadelphia, PA


complete solution is a good product to try


i recently changed to complete multipurpose solution and reallyl satisfy with this product. one of the reason that i changed to this is the lower price from my previous ones. i was worry about its quality since i never used it before. but i came out really good. i'm not allegic to this so i'm really happy. i recommend my friend to try it. and she loves it as well.


San Jose, CA


Complete Multi-Purpose Solution Easy Rub Formula

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