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pint Ice Cream Maker PENGUIN Design


The Donvier Ice Cream Maker uses no electricity, salt or ice. Featuring the patented Chillfast cylinder, plus a double-walled freezer cylinder holder for extra insulation, simply freeze the Chillfast cylinder overnight, add your favorite ingredients and turn the handle occasionally. Treat your family to all-natural gourmet ice cream, healthy frozen yogurt, refreshing fruit sorbets and creamy non-dairy soy desserts in 20 minutes or less with just a few simple ingredients. Makes 1-Pint of ice cream, sorbet, frozen yogurt & frozen drinks.

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Its so cute and makes delicious ice cream


As it states on the box it is for ages 3 and up and I am in the up range. It is so adorable and I love it's cute penguin model design, but after I had bought it I had thought I just wasted money just because of its cute animal design but I was very thrilled to find out that it actually makes yummy, creamy ice cream. It's very inexpensive and it delights me every time as its fun, safe, fast and easy to use. Its capacity size isn't quite large but the one pint of ice cream is the perfect amount for me. It also doesn't take that long to make the yummy ice cream, under half an hour you should have a quick batch of delicious home made ice cream. The process of making the ice cream doesn't require the use of electricity, ice or salt and the Donvier Chilly Penguin Ice Cream Maker is durable, very easy to clean and store away with its compact size. Overall I am glad I purchased this Penguin Ice Cream Maker, it wasn't a waste of money at all and the Donvier brand have been known to make cute small sized ice cream makers that actually make yummy ice cream. Definite recommend, even if it was meant for kids.



pint Ice Cream Maker PENGUIN Design

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