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iSkin Protouch Keyboard Protector dust Cover For Macbook Pro

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Great value, nice feel, good construction.


I bought this because even though I don't eat popcorn or crusty sandwich breads atop my keyboard, somehow something always manages to get in there. Bottled air is great for getting dust out but it sometimes just moves the big stuff around. PROS: The cover has a really nice soft feel to it when I type. It lessens the click-click sounds (especially with long fingernails) and just gives it a nice cushiony feel to the keyboard. It's keeping out dust, dirt, crumbs, whatever else. My son uses the laptop almost daily and every once in a while I'll remove the cover just to see how clean the keys still are. You can see the lit keys beneath it, and still see the letters when they aren't lit. It doesn't leave marks on the screen when I close the laptop lid, which I was concerned about for some reason. (I think another review somewhere said that.) CONS: It isn't free. :) All in all, I'd probably never go without one of these again.

Birmingham, AL


love it


When I bought my Mac I was so afraid to damage it that I spent the money and invested in an Iskin pro touch keyboard protector/dustcover.  Boy was this money well spent.  Although I thought it was expensive at the time I bought it, it has probably saved my keyboard from some damage.  My family likes to eat greasy snacks while surfing the web, Greasy snacks = greasy keyboard if it were not for the iSkin.  Plus its so durable you can wash it and make it just like new again. Just make sure to let it dry completely because water likes to hide/stick in the corners of the key "pockets". This is a definate MUST HAVE item for any new Macbook/Macbook Pro. It will help you extend the life of your product.  If you know someone who does not have this, buy it for them and they will thank you for it! Side note: the only downside it you want to call it that, is that it seems to trap some of the heat from the harddrive but it never gets so hot that it feels like youa re burning. Its just weird that your hand get warm. :-)

Virginia Beach, VA


works wonders keeping out the dust!


I purchased this after getting my new macbook a bit over a year ago. I have been using it since day one and have been very pleased with it. PROS: - keeps out dust that gets trapped in the cracks between the keys on keyboard (I have compared to friends laptops who weren't using the iSkin). - easy to clean - dries quickly after cleaning CONS: - the edges don't lay all the way flat so some dust gets in (but mind, my desk is right by my window which does not close all the way and I live in an urban area so of course there will be dust and dirt) - even though the cover is clear and not colored, it's harder to see the keys at some angles, but you get used to it.

New York, NY


iSkin Protouch Keyboard Protector dust Cover For Macbook Pro

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