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Energizer - AA/AAA Battery Charger

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Energizer Charger saves you money and helps our environment!!!


I was constantly purchasing batteries for my wireless keyboard and mouse, remote controls and flashlights.  Then I was having to take my used batteries to a recycling center to dispose of them.  Finally, I said enough of this and purchase an Energizer Battery Charger  which came with both AA and AAA batteries about a year and a half ago.  I also purchase enough batteries to accommodate everything I used batteries for.  I am so pleased with the Energizer Battery Charger that this past Christmas I purchased some for my grown children.  You can only recharge the rechargeable batteries which are considerably more expensive than your regular batteries.  However, once you have them they can be recharged again and again.  Believe me, I have not purchased any AA or AAA batteries since.  Hurray, I am saving money and not having a problem disposing of the batteries.  Batteries should not be disposed of in a landfill, so using the rechargeable batteries along with the Energizer Battery Charger helps to protect our landfills and environment from harmful chemicals which can harm wildlife, pollute ground water and contaminate the soil.  Save yourself some money and help our enviroment by purchasing an Energizer Battery Charger and Energizer Rechargeable batteries. 


small town, OH


Great way to save money.


The Energizer Recharge Basic AA/AAA Charger is the first battery charger I have ever owned and I will definitely be sticking with this brand. I really like this charger. It charges up to four batteries at a time, AA or AAA. It is recommended that you charge Energizer brand rechargeable batteries, but that is only a recommendation. Pros of this product is that you save money. No more having to waste money by constantly buying batteries for electronic items like a wireless mouse or a digital camera. Another pro is that the charger was relatively cheap.The batteries that come with the product also seem to last a great while before they need to be recharged again. The only con I have found with this charger so far is that it takes fifteen hours for the batteries to charge. Not a big problem if you have more than two batteries, but it only came with two batteries. So I guess if I just go buy more batteries to charge, than this would be the perfect charger for me. In short, I would definitely recommend this product to others.


Potts Camp, MS


Energizer battery is a cheap way to save on recurring costs


I use alot of batteries in my house, right from around 10 remote controls, several camera's and a whole lot of miscellaneous  appliances. I calculated and found out that by recurring costs of the batteries was on the higher side than i would like, especially because once you use them you need to throw them away. So the logical thing to was to purchase a battery charger, since energizer batteries have been such a big brand name i decided to purchase the aa/aaa enegizer battery charger and was quite surprised as to how cheap this thing was. For under twenty bucks you not only get the charger but also get four batteries along with it.  It has a few drawbacks, primarily that it charges in pairs, so you cant charge one or three, for whatever vague reason thats how it works. It has a fuel gauge so to say which marginally works and a timer which i think they can do away with. On and all its a cheap gadget makes you save some money if you use alot of battery power, since i've not had it for that long, cant vouch for its longevity, but so far its been behaving alright.


Pasadena, CA


Energizer Battery Charger - Always have fresh batteries on hand!


If you're like me, you always need a supply of fresh batteries on hand for various electronic devices. It is of course much more environmentally friendly to use rechargeable batteries than to be constantly throwing used batteries away. You will save money in the long run, too. I had been considering getting a battery charger for a long time when I had the opportunity to get a free coupon for the Energizer Battery Charger. When I found it in the store I was immediately impressed because you can use it to charge both AA and AAA batteries - the two most commonly used sizes of batteries around my house. The Energizer Battery Charger is compact, and has an indicator light to tell you when the batteries are finished charging. Since getting it I have found it indispensible - I always have fresh batteries on hand now, and I feel much better using rechargeable batteries rather than using batteries once and sending them to the landfill.


Brooklyn, NY


The energizer AA/AAA battery charger is pretty handy


This little charger is really handy for those "A" type batteries. It charges very quickly and it has lights to indicate that you put them in right and the also tell you when they are done. The size is also great! I remember my mom's charger when I was a kid was about the size of a small toaster! I do wish that you could charge other sizes with it. We do use a lot of the "A" batteries but we also use the "C" and "D" batteries and we can't charge those on this charger. In fact, I am not even sure that energizer makes rechargable batteries in those sizes! so we end up buying the regular ones and wishing we could recharge them! On a side note, we have a little guy and his toys require a good number of batteries, sometimes up to eight double A batteries. I do wish that you could charge a larger number of batteries. But it is perfect for charging the batteries for my camera. Or, my husband loves it for use with his xbox 360 controllers.


San Antonio, TX




**Energizer - AA/AAA Battery Charger **was the perfect fit for me and my continual use of AA and AAA.  I constantly am using batteries for this and that, and this became the perfect gift for me.  Thankfully a friend bought it for me, and now I don't leave home without it!  It recharges all your batteries, that are AA and AAA of course, and helps you use the complete life of the rechargeable batteries!  Its compact, which is a nice function.  It also tell you when your completely charged up, so you will know when your batteries are ready for another go round!   The only problem i have found with the design is it's not that durable, but it has lasted the test of time with me which is saying something!  I think this is a must buy for anyone that uses batteries like I do. So the **Energizer - AA/AAA Battery Charger **is a great buy for any of you battery using people out there that got tired of buying batteries constantly!!


Indianapolis, IN


Great money-saver!


I recently purchased an Energizer battery charger after my old off-brand one stopped working. I wasn't too concerned with quality as long as it did the job, but price was a factor. This was one of the cheapest I could find on the shelves and I have to say - I'm impressed. With so many devices that still take AA and AAA batteries, having rechargable batteries is a no-brainer. It saves money *and* is better for the environment than disposable batteries, so a win-win all together. This Energizer batter charger gets the job done when it comes to recharging my batteries quickly and it seems to always charge them fully, which is something I've had problems with in the past using other chargers. Overall, I would recommend this charger to anyone looking for ways to save money and that never want to experience not having ready to use batteries on hand. It works, the batteries stay charged, and it isn't too pricey. Definitely worth every penny!


Bland, VA


Charges well, inexpensive, and saves batteries!!


I was lucky enough to find a digital camera that runs off of rechargeable AA batteries...a feat in itself these days. And even more of a miracle: it doesn't eat the batteries! So naturally I needed a charger. I chose Energizer because I find that their rechargeable batteries hold a charge for longer than other brands of re-batteries, and I hoped that the charger would be the same. Happily, it was a worthwhile purchase, and not even a hefty one price-wise. I think I spent about 15 to 18 bucks on this charger, and I've never had a problem with it. It charges very quickly, and also seems to FULLY charge the batteries (which in my experience, seems to be a problem sometimes with other chargers. You charge the batteries, and in no time they are out again.) This charger is not expensive, is convenient space-wise and charges quickly, and the charger itself is durable and long-lasting. All in all, it's a good price for a good product...what more could one ask for?


Nederland, CO


Charges alright.


As far as chargers go, this is relatively flexible. It takes both AA and AAA sized batteries. It isn't relatively cheap, but isn't overly expensive either. It is also quite compact, so you can store it, or take it on the go. When you pull it out, you have four slots to put 4 AA batteries. You can charge your AAA batteries by pulling a little flap down and that makes up the empty space for the AAA size batteries. The thing that I did not like much about this charger is that when it is fully charged, the lcd light does not turn off or there is any indication of it being fully charged or not even charged at all, so you are left to guess whether or not it is done or not. Whenever I take out the batteries they are burning, so I am not even sure if they are overly charged or not. I do like its compact nature though, and for that alone, it is a good product to have on hand in your house. Plus who really needs anything that charges other than AA or AAA batteries?


Queens, NY


Works great


I got a really good deal on this charger with a coupon, which is the only reason I decided to try it.  It is kind of spendy to start out, and the batteries are also pricey but when you compare to how long they last, they are worth it.  I brought it right home and popped the batteries in to charge.  The charger and batteries get pretty warm when they are plugged in, which worries me a little, but I haven't noticed any problems because of this.  The plug in is nice because it can fold into the charger for storing, but this can also be a pain when trying to plug it into the outlet. If it is a tight space, sometimes the plug gets pushed back into the charger and I have to start over.  I love that I can use these batteries in items that use a lot of energy, like a camera, and I don't have to constantly throw them out.  It is better for the environment and better for my family.  Very awesome product.


Aberdeen, SD


Energizer - AA/AAA Battery Charger

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