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Does nothing for me!


I have had several instances where I have been prescribed this medication and it never works for me. No matter what the dosage is, it never seems to relieve any pain symptom I have. I must have a high tolerance as this medication does nothing for me, other than make my chest really, really tight. Every time I take this medication my chest feels like someone is sitting on my chest. Effectiveness It really does nothing for my pain symptoms, no matter how mild they are. Ease of Use Very easy to use this product. They do have variations to this medication to accommodate people. It can become a highly addictive medication over time, because an original dosage does not work the same for very long, which will prompt an increase in the dosage. Immediacy I have not experienced any immediacy regarding alleviating any symptoms of pain. I think for me this is a medication my body does not tolerate, therefore will not work for me specifically.



it works!


This is a prescribed medication. I have used it for different reasons. The two major uses were for pain I had after an accident and the other was after u had my baby. It was very effective both times. It never caused drowsiness or made me feel sick. It did take the pain away better then any other pain medication. The pills are usually pretty strong making them about 1000 mg so it does stay in your body for quite some time making it last longer and not having to take so much pills. I have taken for headaches before as well. I recommend to ask for this medicine for pain but not as a replacement for your normal pail medication. Effectiveness Works great and is effective. Its not an addicting pill but does help with all kinds of different pain types. Ease of Use The pills are pretty large so may be hard to swallow only if you have issues swallowing larger pills. Immediacy Works pretty quickly and also lasts for a long time.




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