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Lortab 7.5 Hydrocodone (Generic for Lortab)

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It works!


Over the past two years, I have undergone many dental surgeries. After every extraction or root canal, my oral surgeon prescribed me with Lortab 7.5 along with antibiotics. At first, the pills made me a bit queasy, but after a day or two that side effect went away. Usually I had to go to work right after the surgeries (waiting tables), and although I was a bit tired, I still felt good enough to get through the day. The Lortabs took the pain away after the Novacaine wore off, but I didn't feel like I had to go to sleep, as with some pain medications. The only con is that I can see how they can be addictive. I had a few days' worth after each surgery, and I kinda missed them when they were gone. Also, my stomach cramped for about a day each time I stopped taking them. I don't know if you can become immune to the effects, as I only took them a few days at a time. I would recommend these to anyone with temporary moderate pain.

West Monroe, LA


My knee dont hurt no more


So along time ago i was skateboarding with my homies from my hood . I was doing a outrageously awesome kick flip when i busted my behind , it was all bad nothing went good for me that day... If you were there you would have said oh my goodness david would you like a hydrocodone .... and i would have been like.. hell yes my knee is killing me so bad you just dont understand oh my goodness steph! So after years of doing outrageously awesome kick flips and random skateboarder things i decided that my knee hurt worse so one day i went to the hospital where i met a doctor. this doctor changed my life after waiting in the waiting area to be seen he finally prescribed me 7.5 hydrocodone. I am so thankful for this , it has mad my life livable i still have pain in my knee but i can manage it much better being able to take a hydrocodone. Now i can do all the kick flips i want to and i will not cry as much as i did before

Hope Mills, NC


Lortab really made my pain disappear!


Well one day I woke up and my side was hurting bad.  I went to the emergency to find that i had a bad UTI and Gall Stones.  For the pain the doctor prescribed Lortab.  I was like ok, what will this do to me?  Essentially it was to take the pain from my Gall Stones away.  Which Lortab did.  Lortab is best taken with food, to prevent an achey stomach.  I really like this product better than Perkoset.  It made me sleepy and made my pain go away maybe 5 or 10 minutes after I took the product. Well as far as a pain releiver goes, if you are ever in need and a doctor prescribes it....try Lortab.

Fort Mc Coy, FL


They charge more for this than the 10/500 tabs, ridiculous!


This medication of Lortab with 7.5mg of pain relief, along with the lesser 325mg of acetaminophen, actually cost about twice what the Lortab 10mg with more acetaminophen of 500!  My pharmacist said it was because the 10's are in bigger demand and even the 7.5mg with 500 acetaminophen is still cheaper than the Lortab/hydrocodone pills of any strength, with only 325mg of the buffer. This really upset me, because after having to take them for a couple of years, I started worrying about what my stomach was actually going through!  I'm on a very limited budget now that I can't work, and the disability hasn't come through yet either, so I had to go back to the 10's with the 500mg of buffer/acetaminophen.  It isn't fair and we shouldn't have to pay more for less, especially when less is better for our stomachs.  If you've ever had to take pain relievers for any extended period of time, you know that it can cause nausea and I lost 20 lbs after my surgery. Then the doctor said it didn't heal right, so now they want to go back in and do it again! Someone should force the drug companies and stores to charge according to strength, and not what they sell more of.  It's a pharmacy, they're supposed to cater to all of us, not just the ones who have more money!

Memphis, TN


Loratab 7.5 comes to my rescue daily as a pain reliever.


Loratab 7.5 has helped me alot with pain in my back and legs. I have to take them daily or I wouldn't be able to move around without severe pain. They do wonders for the class that they are in. I am able to do my housework and get out in the stores and walk around. Before I was basically a hermit.

Jackson, TN


Lortab 7.5 Hydrocodone (Generic for Lortab)

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