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edward jones Roth IRA

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I highly recommend anyone with disposable income to invest in Edward Jones. Specifically I recommend that if you can part with up to $5500 per year to invest in a ROTH IRA. The best thing about a Roth is that you use after tax income which makes this different from a traditional IRA. In a ROTH your after tax dollars can grow tax free until retirement age which is now 59 and a half. I would think of a ROTH as a bucket and you can pour many different types of investments into that bucket. Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds are all worthy investments to pour into a ROTH. It is important that you find a financial professional who can help you select the best types of investments for your retirement goals. I can say personally that I am very pleased with the service my own Edward Jones financial Adviser has provided me.



Has helped us save and offers great service


Everyone knows they should save, it's just that it's not always the easiest thing to do.  This is especially true for retirement accounts and that's where Edward Jones comes in and helps my partner and I out for our retirement savings.  Now we are both fairly young at 32, but several years ago we wanted to start saving for retirement and just start investing in general.  We attended a seminar at our local Edward Jones office and soon signed up.  I moved the majority of my brokerage accounts to Edward Jones and we rolled over other IRA's that we had over to Edward Jones. Edward Jones offers a number of different account options.  We both signed up for the Roth IRA's that they offer.  I wouldn't say that Edward Jones is the most cost effective way to save in your Roth, but if you like personal service and want to have a broker that you can call whenever you need, Edward Jones is a step above your typical online brokerages where you are left to do everything. In Edward Jones you meet face to face with your broker and you work out a savings and retirement plan together.  That's what we did and we soon started saving money into our IRAs and into our regular joint brokerage account at Edward Jones. Edward Jones lets you invest in just about any fund you want, though they do tend to steer you to certain fund families.  These are load funds, which means you'll pay a purchase charge up front to cover the transaction.  This eats into the money you're investing, but in our case, we thought it was worth it to have the personal access to the broker and to have the help when we needed it for investing and savings. Overall our funds have been doing well.  They took a bit of a beating in the market drop a few years ago, but they have been performing well since then.  We get personal service from our Broker, who stays in contact almost monthly and we continue on our way to retirement with our Roth IRAs from Edward Jones. I'd say that if you're looking for something more personal than an online brokerage for your Roth IRA, Edward Jones is a good place to start.

Metrowest, MA


Ed Jones sucks


Personally, I think Ed Jones has to be the worst investment managment company out there.  I have my own personal account that I manage and during these troubled times have gained 2%.  My Ed Jones large account has lost 55% and going down still.  And, one has to pay really high loads to make buys and sells and a managing fee.  If I knew then what I know now I would have RAN away when solicited by Dead Head Jones.  Another problem that I have had is when I need to make a buy or sell my broker can never be reached.  So I am usually buying high or selling low.  In fact I asked to make a buy on Exxon a few weeks ago when the price was 76. and when I got the buy order in the mail I paid 80.! Ed Jones dosn't know what real time investing is. The managers are too interested in taking money than they are in real research of the companies that they solicite or in really taking care of the client.

Chico, CA


A Great Way to be Prepared for Later


This IRA Roth is perfect for the 5 year goal I plan for my future.  Even if my change my goal, I know that the money invested is still there. It has more benefits for you than most and is very flexible in different way to invest!  It's perfect for first time investors. Go Ahead, Invest!!

Chiefland, FL


Jay Blackburn Rules


The above named individual has helped me tremendously in planning my investment objectives. I have been outperforming the stock market with Mr. Blackburn's advice. The strong advice is to have all your eggs in many baskets and always be diversified.Save 15% of our gross income for retirement starting at age 25 will lead you to retirement by the age of 60.

river rouge, MI


edward jones Roth IRA

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