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eMachines desktop computer

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emachine ofers a great deal


emachine is a great computer for every one it is easy to use and yet gives you all the up todate software. it has  a great looking tower with plenty of option like the 3 usb ports and the 2 dvd/cd reader and writer.the centrn prossesor is fast and quiet and the hard drive is big enough to hold plenty of data and software.i have had my emichine for 2years now and have had no problems with it so i would feel safe saying that it is a depenable machine with little or no trouble.. the software that came with my emachine was up to date and just right for what i use the computer for and it a lot of extra things that i learnd very easily to use. the big fix that came with my emachine is great if you ever need to fix some thing you might have done to your machine. and the up to date information you get from emachine is very helpful to keep your machine running up to date. i would recommend the e machine to any one who ask my opion on a good pc

La Crosse, WI


Emachines provide me with all the things I need in a Computer.


Emachine computers are definately worth the money. In the past 3 years of owning this PC, I have not had a single problem with it hardware wise. Software wise, I have not come across anything that the computer could not fix itself with its vast collection of Pc cleaners, Performance Enhancers and Registery Editers. This particular PC is running 99% of the time all year round,and its Energy Saving features add to the value. I personally being a MMORPG addict, I have not had a problem playing any of the Super Graphic, 3D games. Also running multiple applications at once is not a problem for this Super Pc.This computer was the best choice in quality and value. I have burnt over 500 Cd's and Dvd's since owning it without a problem. It also comes with a nice Digital media Manager that will allow you to directly plug in your Flash/Media/Storage device and have it automatically open up on screen to view the files on that particular device. I have owned Packard Bells, HP, and Compaq computers and none of them have come close to being as good of a computer this Emachine has been the pst few years of owning it. In the end if you are stuck between what pc you should buy, Give Emachines a try.



eMachines desktop computer

5.0 2