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eMachines desktop computer

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Worked for a while then blew up


My husband and I purchased this e-machine for our home desktop computer.  We use our computer for basically email and word type documents.  We do not do gaming or anything like that, so we figured that the price being cheap was great and that it would last since we don't do anything complicated on it.  Not so much! We had this computer less than a year and it broke down completely!  It was very frusterating because we lost everything on the computer that we had stored, like pictures, documents, etc.  It is a frusterating process to loose everything on your computer and this computer just basically fried!  The button to turn it on and off also went dead and would not work any more.  It would've been more costly to repair this than to purchase a new computer. I would not reccommend this computer to anyone.  There is a reason that E-Machines are priced lower than HPs and other brands.  Go with the better brand and spend a little more in the beginning and you will be ultimately spending less in the end when you don't have to purchase a new computer every year!


Lehi, UT


An excellent & ecnomical introduction of Vista to your home.


     The eMachine T3642 is an excellent and economical choice in upgrading to Vista. With the exception of the Iomega Parallel port Zip drive this offers excellent compatibility with most products used on previous versions of Windows~ I'm impressed. The speed of page changes while on-line is remarkable. Installation is smooth with easy to understand directions for those who are computer challenged.    One issue I discovered which is NOT an eMachine isolated issue but a Vista compatibility issue is that the parallel port zip drives are not supported through the Windows Vista system. However, there may be a solution which enables the user to add an adapter cable (parallel to USB) from the Zip drive to computer. Then by downloading drivers (USB) from Iomega the user would supposedly be able to utilize the Zip drive. 


Newark, OH


eMachines desktop computer

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