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eMachines EL1200 desktop computer

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eMachines EL1200 is a great value


The eMachines EL1200 is a great value for the price, and should serve your needs just fine for things like general net browsing, CD and DVD burning, uploading photos and video, etc. We've owned ours for over a year now and haven't had any major issues, aside from one virus issue that was fixed right away. My wife does alot of online gaming and it's not the greatest for that, but it gets the job done. The biggest factor for me is the price and overall value - I honestly don't think there's a better value for your money when it comes to desktop PC's, than an eMachine like this one. You could end up paying twice the price for a "bigger" namebrand, and still end up with the same performance. In the end, if you're looking for a quality desktop PC that will suffice for pretty much all of your everyday needs, the eMachine EL1200 is a solid way to go. If you need high performance, it may fall a little short, but bear in mind it's easily upgradeable as well.

Saint Paul, MN


Good Mother-in-law Computer but EL1200 disappoints a little...


I've owned the **eMachines EL1200 desktop computer for over a year. I've primilary used it as a bedroom computer, mainly to stream online video from Netflix and Hulu. On the day of this writing, I am retiring it and replacing it with a refurbished AMD X2 dual core machine. The reason: while the eMachines has proven to be a low-energy consuming computer, it can't keep up with the video demands of the streaming world. Furthermore, while there are options to upgrade the video card, they are expensive given the small size of the computer box.** **So what does this leave? A solid, low-cost computer fine for basic needs (web browsing, light Office work like Word processing and the occasional youtube video). But when the tasks are more demanding, I found it came up short. Not a bad little computer, but one who's age and limitations is definitely showing.**

Marion, IA


This is an amazing product!


The eMachines EL1200-06W is amazing.Ever since I bought this machine, I have turned it from a low-grade nettop, to a true performance machine. I upgraded to 3GB of DDR2 RAM, and replaced the stock hard drive with a Western Digital Caviar Blue Hard Drive. I also took off XP, and I dual-partitioned the hard drive to have Windows Vista Home Premium and Windows 7 Ultimate Build 7600 RTM Edition. The gaming capability of this computer is actually pretty good in my tests of this device. The first game I tried with this was Halo: Combat Evolved. It did amazingly well, after a few of my performance tweaks to the graphics system. Need For Speed: Most Wanted performed extremely good as well. Very few hang ups if any. Boot time for both systems I have installed is amazing. For Vista I have a boot time of between 15-20 seconds, and for Windows 7, I got a time of 8-13 seconds. So from the factory, this computer was nothing but a low-end computer, but with a few adjustments, this machine has became a performance monster!  

San Jacinto, CA


Reasonable priced, very compact and easy set up


When I first bought this computer, I didn;t think much of it because it was very small.  I was easy to hook up and you were also able to copy a back- up cd for it. I got a virus on it and I used the back up cd to reboot it instead of taking it to a tech to do it and shelling out all that money for nothing.  It also came with a flat screen wich I really like because my computer desk is small and it fit just fine it the little spot for it.  The computer is very light weight and thats another good factor.  It is fast about uploading and turning on.  I had a choice between the emachine and a different name brand computer.  I chose this one, even though they were the same price.  A few months later, the other brand name was recalled because of the fan not keeping it cool.  Even though I never heard of this brand, I'm glad I bought it.  I hook it up to my tv sometimes, just so i can play games and sit on the floor.  I would buy another one!!!

Sanford, NC


This is quick and enexpensive way to have computer


This is about my e-machine. This is the second one I have owned. I bought both of them at walmart. The mother board is easily hit with viruses. But if you cant afford a name brand computer I would suggest an emachine to anyone. My 1st one lasted 3 yrs and this one is going on 1st year. I can burn music or anything properly. It is an easy set-up and very easy to maintain. I am not great on computers but it has walk-thrus for people new to computer. It has easy access to your files,internet and music.

Telford, TN


eMachines are very reliable and easy to use


I am not a computer geek, don't have a clue as to what a gigabyte is. Just barely know how to go online, but I like the way that this eMachine directs me with hints for What every button on this system is for. To be able to sit down and not be lost is a joy. To go online and not have to wait forever for the page to load is fantastic! It seems that the more documents I save, the more the system maintains the same pace it started with. I enjoy that each person has their own account. I do like to play games on the computer. I like that the games that came with the system are games that I play everyday. I like that the online support is easy to reach. The live tech can walk you through anything . I can't really say that I have had a problem with my system. Everytime someone uses my system they want to know the price. Not too high, and worth the money! I'm sure that you will love this system as much as I do!

Buffalo, NY


eMachines EL1200 desktop computer

4.3 6