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Our sound system has been in an inconvenient spot in our house, so I was looking for a mounting kit to mount the speakers on the walls in a different part of the living room. The kit I got wasn't very expensive, and it has worked great. Product Selection This site has a wide variety of household appliances and regular household products. So in that sense, they have a good product selection. But on the other hand, they only have a few of each type of product. I was able to find a mounting kit that worked with our speakers, but they only had three options available and none of them were universal kits. I had also been looking for a desk lamp for our home office. They only had one available, and it didn't work, and it was only available in stores. So they probably have a version of the product that you are looking for, but it still may not be what you actually need. Customer Service They have a toll-free customer service number on the home page, and the wait time to talk to someone wasn't very long at all.




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