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Zenith - DTT900 Digital-to-Analog Converter Box

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Great box


This was the first converter box my family got after the switch. We had a lot of problems getting reception at first but concluded it was our antenna, not the box. We switched over antennas and WOW this new TV looked amazing and best of all it was free! We picked up tons of channels from different, surrounding states even. I loved this box. I miss it and wish I would have not given it away and just bought one for my friend instead! This box had the buttons on it where I could change the channel when I couldn't find the remote (which was unfortunately quite often). I liked the way their menu was set up and it was very smooth functioning. The remote was so cute I loved it, when I could keep ahold of it! I was very skeptical about switching to digital TV but with the Zenith box, I came to love it! No more fuzzy channels! I would recommend this one over any of the others. It lasted me years before I gave it to a friend and got satellite. I definitely miss it though!



Whats Zeniths stand on defective Dtt901 converter box's


As of March 20th  2010 I aswell found the Zenith DETT901 has started shuting off on its own.Check all function and settings found the unit is defective.With Zenith step up to the plate and recall these units.Do we trust in the name that we grew up trusting or have they forgotten the people that bought thier products all these years?

Deltona, FL


A well made converter box that is built to last.


The Zenith DT900 Digital-to-Analog Converter Box it is one of the best purchases I have ever made. I have used this converter box for more than a year and I have not experienced any problems with it.  The picture quality is very good, the image looks clean and sharp. This converter box was built to last.  The case is metal and is well vented.  The power cord plugs directly into a wall outlet because it has it's own built-in power supply. Many other converter boxes use a cheap wall transformer for power. What really makes this converter box stand out above the rest is it's high quality tuner. The tuner is very sensitive, it can pick-up very weak signals that other converter boxes miss. The one thing I do not like about this converter box is it's program guide, it only displays the current program information and the upcoming program information. Overall this is a great digital-to-analog converter box.  It works extremely well and is simple to use.  

Tempe, AZ


Zenith - DTT900 Digital-to-Analog Converter Box

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