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Logitech - Harmony One Remote

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Best remote control ever!


The Harmony One Remote from Logitech is the best remote ever. We've owned it for about 4 years now & have never needed another remote since purchasing this one. The Harmony One Remote controls just about everything. We have ours set up to control our DVR, Blu-ray player, sound receiver, & even the lights in our family room. We also have it set up to control our music. It's fully customizable. It also has a rechargeable docking station so you never have to buy batteries for it. It has a full color touch screen which is what really impressed me about this remote. Additionally, different family members can program their own favorites on the Harmony One. It comes with an installation CD, USB cable, & an AC adapter. It also has a 1 year warranty. I highly recommend the Harmony One Remote from Logitech!


La Porte, TX


Like it, but am returning the second one I bought,


I have a Harmony 650, and it works okay, but I bought another one for another TV and I can only get it to work if I open a new e-mail address. Logitech hasn't figured out how to provide service to multiple remotes through a single address. Unbelievable in 2012. Nothing is more awkward than having multiple e-mails addresses with multiple passwords and them remembering which address applies to which remote account.




What did we do before we had the Harmony One?!


I received my Harmony One Remote control as a gift, and because I don't consider myself a technical person, it sat around for a few weeks before my husband noticed it. When he told me how much one of the remote controls cost, I had to pick my jaw up off the floor. I couldn't figure out why someone would pay that much for a stinking remote control. At the time, we had several remotes hooked up to our entertainment system. One for the TV, one for the Dish, one for the receiver, one for the DVD player and one for an ancient VCR we never even used. My husband quickly un-boxed the Harmony one and set to work. Within an hour, he had all the other remotes hidden and the Harmony One right on our end table with a picture of our son programmed in the screen! I couldn't believe it! It did take me a few days to get used to the new remote. It was just too easy, and I'm not used to things being easy. With a simple push of a button you can hit "WATCH TV" and the TV, DISH box and receiver will all come on, with only the push on one single button! AMAZING!! We've had this remote for a couple of years now, and it's been dropped by my little boy, lost under the couch, had water spilled on it, but it still works great and looks great! I'm not sure how we lived with all the old remotes, but we are sure loving our Harmony One!


Harrison, TN


The most awesome remote ever!


I love my new Harmony One remote, it controls everything and is so easy, you simply load the software, wlak through the menus and recycle all of your old remotes, ONE remote, can you image?  Just fabulous, you have to try  it out, it is worth the cost and a great idea for a gadget brain


Denver, CO


The only remote you will ever need


Logitech Harmony remotes are simply in a class of it's own. There is no universal remote which comes anywhere close to Logitech Harmony remotes. The 'logitech Harmony one' is one type of logitech harmony remotes which offers the best features. It has a touch screen interface and keys you can customize anyway you want. You can use the remote to control any device. When you setup all your devices to work with the remote, the programing is easy and its thru the computer. The setup is self explanatory and it pulls up all info of all devices you want to setup from its online data base. The online database covers every device imaginable, if the device isn't on the database then using the infrared you can actually let your harmony one learn commands and controls not found on the database. With this set of features , you have a remote that be programed to any device and use it to control it. The touch screen feature is very responsive and reactive to touch. An additional features is: you can actually put in your favorite channel icons. This feature gives you easy accessibility.


Fairborn, OH


Harmony remotes rock


I have the Logitech Harmony 510 remote.  I absolutely love this thing.  I use it to control my television, blu ray player, soundbar, and dvd player.  I've probably spent twice the price of the Harmony in cheap remotes over the years, and certainly wish I would have started with the high-quality Harmony.  I would not hesitate to buy this remote or a similar manufactured by Logitech. Although it took a little bit to get set up (the software is pretty self-explanatory, but it does take some time to get everything set up).  The only problem is occassionally not everything will turn on.  However, this is easily remedied by just a couple of buttons on the remote.  I've had this remote for about 9 months now, and some of the markings on the buttons that see the most use are starting to wear off. 


Tonganoxie, KS


Harmony One is the Last Remote you'll ever need!


I've had the Logitech Harmony One remote for a few years now and it is the best remote control I have ever owned. With one simple click of a command on the touch screen I am able to turn on several devices. The remote comes with software for your computer to set up each command which is easy to use. From within this software you add each device that you want to control such as television sets, receivers, cable boxes, etc. After adding devices you can then setup activities such as "Watch TV". Clicking on this activity on the LCD touch screen will then turn on your television set, your cable box if it isn't already on, and in my case my receiver (and even turn it to the right input setting on the receiver). You can define several different activities based on your individual needs and can load up the software at any time to change your settings if you get a new device you want to add or replace. Once done configuring your activities you simply hook the remote up to your computer and update the software in the remote and it is ready to go! I would highly recommend this remote to anyone who is sick of picking multiple remotes to do simple tasks such as watching television.


Waseca, MN


Love my Logitech Remote!


I purchased the logitech remote for my husband a couple of years ago and we are just as happy with it today as we were 2 years ago. It pretty much flawlessly controls many devices on our house. It can be a little overwhelming when you first look at it trying to figure out how to use it. Our friends are totally at a loss for how to use it. But once you set it up and use it a little you realize it's quite an easy to understand remote control. Our logitech remote control currently controls our TV, Blu Ray player, Surround Sound and an Xbox. If you have more than 2 devices I highly recommend investing in this remote control. It can actually control the air conditioner as well but you have to have a compatable thermostat. =)


Milton, FL


Logitech Harmoney ONE REMOTE!!


We have had our Logitech Harmony One Remote for a few years now. It is amazing. We have been able to get rid of three remotes and replace them with the Logitech. Before we would lost one remote and only have the other to turn the tv on but not have anything to change the channel with. Our Logitech manages out 42" plasma, our home theater system, cable television, and DVD player. You can even use it to manage your dvr and on demand for your cable. I has a great battery life, because I know ours is rarely sitting on its charging dock. It does take a little getting used to, but I would recommend this remote to people who have multiple systems and multiple remotes in their home. What a life saver!


Schiller Park, IL


Logitech Harmony One is a great remote!


This remote has a great finish, and the touch screen works well. It feels good in the hand, and it was relatively easy to program. It took a few tries to get the programming right, but it was MUCH easier than our old one! Our older one took HOURS to program and the finish came off quite quickly. The screen also eventually cracked, but this One seems much more durable. I also had some difficulty navigating the old Logitech remote (I am not a techie, by my husband is), but this one is incredibly simple. Actually, it's so simple that even my 2-year-old daughter can use it for some easy tasks like turning on the CD player, skipping disks, and adjusting volume!  It makes our lives so much easier to have only ONE remote. No more calling my husband in the middle of the day and asking how to watch a movie! :) We bought this on a deal, so it was definitely worth the money. I don't know that we would have bought it if it hadn't been a deal, though, since it's pretty pricey.


Bumpass, VA


Logitech - Harmony One Remote

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