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Your Tea
Your Tea Tiny Tea Tox

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Tiny teatox has turned my body around!


I first tried Yourtea's Tiny Teatox a while back to help me out with my body's habit of holding onto water weight. Whelp, let me tell you- it did that and WAY more! I am 28 years old and after having my daughter, I had to get my gallbladder taken out- I have had problems with eating and my tummy ever since. I get strange pains after I eat certain things and sometimes it even still feels as if I have gallstones. I am excited to say that Tiny Tea has completely liberated me from being nervous to eat! It has taken away any pain or discomfort that I was feeling, ridding my body of all the junk that was residing in it! I had no idea that this tea would be so powerful- I mean, it's a TEA! I absolutely love that my body is 100% again! I have my energy back, my body back and any bloat that I had is completely gone! The energy is unbelievable, I was having such a hard time with mid day slumps- so bad that I truly felt the need for a nap everyday, and that just isn't normal for a 28 year old. So, I tried the tea and it didn't let me down- it surpassed any expectations that I had for it. The taste is great- it isn't really like other tea's, (unless you've had oolong- in which case that's what it tastes like, because that's the base of the tea) like peppermint or green or even orange tea, it's a different flavor completely. I add a little natural honey to my mine, and it's great- it's so nice to have a hot cup of tea- it's relaxing and it gives me a minute to myself with a magazine! If you are looking at this tea wondering if it works, wondering if you should try it- I am telling you, you should. I have had such great results from it. I haven't stopped drinking it since first buying it, four months ago! It's really worth a try if you want to make changes and see changes in your body!


Worcester, MA


Your Tea Tiny Tea Tox

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