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World Table Philly Cheese Steak Pizza

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Good, but not a cheesesteak


I grew up near Philadelphia, so I was used to having great cheesesteaks. Since I moved away several years ago, I have not found anything in other areas of the country (Midwest, inter-mountain West, and Pacific coast) that compares to real ones. But on the other hand, these "cheese steak pizzas" are quite good. If I compare them to a real cheese steak, then they don't measure up (but most things that refer to themselves as "Philly cheese steaks" don't measure up-the good ones never claim to be from Philly). But evaluating them in their own regard, they are better than a lot of other pizzas. They have a lot of beef on them, and it is a very good cut of beef that tastes very good on pizza. The cheese is very similar to the cheese that is actually used on most cheese steaks. Even though they are frozen pizzas, they still taste as good as many fresh pizzas. The main improvement I would suggest would be to use actual cheese steak sauce instead of tomato sauce.




Philly Cheesesteak Pizza


This is the best and most flavorful frozen pizza I've had in years! I grew up in Philadelphia eating Philly Cheesesteaks and this pizza was so good and flavorable that it made me homesick! The thin crust was perfect and the cheese perfectly authentic!




World Table Philly Cheese Steak Pizza

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