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Woolite One Step Foam Carpet Cleaner

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Good product.


Woolite One Step Foam Carpet Cleaner was a nice surprise. I didn't really expect much from this product but I figured I may as well give it a try. I'm glad I did! You simply spray this on the stain and let it sit a while then vacuum it up and the stain it supposed to come with it. I never really have luck with the carpet cleaners where you spray then vacuum up. I had luck with this one though! I let it sit for about half an hour and then vacuumed it up. To my surprise the stain was actually gone! It's worked on a lot of different types of stains from food and drink ones to me spilling cough syrup on my carpet. The only down side I can see to this product is if you use it in an area where you can't get a vacuum. I'm assuming you could just rub it like you would a different type of stain cleaner but I'm not sure because I haven't ever ran into that problem. I highly recommend this product. It's really easy to use and it cleans really well!




Woolite Foam Carpet Cleaner Gets a Lot of Mileage at My House


Woolite One Step Foam Carpet Cleaner gets a lot of use at our house. I have three children. They all have holes in their chins. Food and drink goes in and comes right out the hole. Then there's the artist in the family. Markers show up quite nicely on carpet. You don't even need to try that out...just take my word for it. **Here's what I like about Woolite Carpet Cleaner:** - It's easy--just shake the can, point the nozzle and squirt. The can says to let it dry and then vacuum. We just use an old towel and scrub because foam is a great play thing around my house. - It works well on new stains and water soluble markers. I feel your pain if you have old stains or permanent marker artwork on your carpet. - It works quickly. - The bottle says it does not contain CFCs, which deplete the ozone layer. - It has an odor eliminator but doesn't have a strong scent. - Quite a few stores in my area carry it. **What I don't like about Woolite Carpet Cleaner:** - It's not cheap but not the most expensive carpet cleaner out there. - I don't think anything works on really old stains, burned spots, or permanent markers. **My Viewpoint:** I have found the **Woolite One Step Foam Carpet Cleaner** gets the job done quickly and easily with a fair amount of effort. It doesn't perform miracles on old stains, but it has done very well with new ones at our house. My 5-year-old, the artist, even got the carpet quite clean the other day with **Woolite Carpet Cleaner**.


Piedmont, NC


Woolite One Step Foam Carpet Cleaner

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