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Paramount Kids 'N' Pets Instant All Purpose Stain and Odor Remover

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I use this all over the house.


I give this product a ten! I used this on the toughest part of cleaning a mattress, getting blood off of it. the stain was 3 years old and we had used other cleaners on it to no avail. I just poured this straight from the bottle on the stain, waited 15 minutes and wiped it off. The stain lifted off and was gone.. I use it for stains from being out in the duck shed and chicken coops and it get animal stains out quickly and kills the odors too. I use it on my carpets with no problems at all and there is no real odor from the product. It does give a warning on using it on fabrics and I would advise to do that. I have never had it discolor anything but I do test it any way. I have also used this on my ferrets bedding, their littler boxes, small towels, and soft toys. Ferrets give off a very slight musky, skunky odor that builds up on their toys and bedding, so this kills the smell on their beds and toys in one load of laundry.




Great cleaning product!


I have loved using this pet cleaning solution for the past two years! I have purchased this several times from my local petro as well as online at amazon.com. I have found that the cleaner works great at full-strength for tougher, set-in stains that I am not able to immediately attend to or do not know about, from my dogs and cats alike. I generally squirt the solution onto my rugs and then using a cleaning towel or a shammie, use the towel to blot up any solution or pet stain. If the stain is fresh on my rugs, I generally dilute the solution with one part water and one part distilled vinegar and use the solution to spray and dissolve stains. If I am using the solution on hardwood floors, which I spot clean before steam moping my floors every other day, I find that a light spray, one of two squirts works well enough to clean an area of about 3x4 feet. I would also like to add that the solution does not have a strong odor and has not affected my allergies as well. I have recommended this spray to others and will continue to purchase it again as well.




Removes all stains!


I purchased Kids N Pets originally just because they had a "Try me Free" rebate. And now I am hooked. But thats why they do the free rebates, to get you to try it. I never would have tried it without it. It is even a very strange spot in stores and hard to find. So I always buy a couple when I need it and find it. It works great on all spots and stains. I have used it on food and drinks of all kinds. And I use it on cat throw up all the time, disgusting. But Kids N Pets takes care of it. I actually use it with my SpotBot instead of the cleaner that you are supposed to use in it. I just squirt some Kids N Pets on the spot and put plain hot water in the SpotBot and let it do the work. It comes out every time. I love how it doesn't leave all that sudzy residue behind in the carpet like a lot of the others do. And it doesn't take much at all to take care of stains. Just a little squirt. So the bottle lasts a super long time. They diffintely got a faithful customer out of me!


Grand Island, NE


Kids 'N' Pets is the best I've used - and I've used it all!


I am a 'mom' of two English Bulldogs and two cats.  As you can imagine, I come across messes all over the place!  We're talking about vomit, urine, poop...I've seen it - and cleaned it - all!  We have been a household with four animals for several years now, and I feel like I have tried every product out there, and while some were better than others, I have never actually been excited about a product...until now!  Because of a (now expired) rebate on the Kids 'N' Pets Facebook page, I decided to give this one a try.  The first stain I tackled was some set-in vomit I had discovered on my WHITE dining room chairs.  I applied it directly on the spot and followed the directions on the bottle.  At first I freaked out because it looked as though it was just spreading the stain, but after some blotting, letting it dry, then going back in for a second round of cleaning, it took care of the stain!  This product literally saved me from either spending a lot of money of attempting to have this chair professionally cleaned, or having the fabric replaced.  Another thing I like about this product is that it's all natural.  Since my animals lay on the carpet, put their cute little faces right into the carpet, I can use this on the carpet and not fear them getting sick from it.  Other products that contain chemicals I have found make my dogs vomit after smelling it.  Plus the scent is pleasant!  


Olathe, KS


Ubiquitious Stain and Odor Remover


We use Kids 'N' Pets on nearly anything - random carpet stains, animal stains and odors, even using it in the wash to help remove the smells from stinky rugs. What I like about Kids 'N' Pets is that it comes in a decently-sized container (though I'd love to see it come as a gallon so that I could refill the bottles), it's relatively inexpensive compared with other stain and odor removers, it's easy to find at the grocery or megastore (rather than purchasing at specialty pet stores like some brands), it works as it's supposed to by removing stains and odors, and it has a pleasant scent itself. What I don't like is that you have to use kind of a lot to get it to do what it should, so the container goes quickly. The other thing that I find strange about it is that it has a water-bottle style spout, rather than coming as a spray bottle. This means that the product comes out faster and therefore uses more of the product than you might otherwise.


Kennewick, WA


Awesome cleaner and nice fresh scent!


I bought this product after my family brought home 2 rescue kittens, 1 of our little kitties decided that he didn't like the litter that we were using in our box and decided to use the living room carpet instead.  I tried at least 3 other carpet cleaners claiming to be made to "remove pet odors" but they didn't seem to do anything but mask the scent in perfume!  I got the Kids N Pets, soaked the spot with it and left it overnight to dry.   The next morning, no smell other than the light lemony fresh smell that comes from the Kids N Pets.  I use this product frequently to clean the floor around our cats litter box to get rid of any nasty smells that might be on the flooring.  My cats notice the cleaner, but they don't seem bothered by it and any spot where there was an accident they no longer pay any attention to after I use this cleaner, so to me that really shows that this product removes everything associated with a pet stain... if even the pets can't smell it!   


Gloversville, NY


Kids 'N' Pets took the stench away


We woke up one morning to discover that our daughter had been sick in her crib.  The smell permated her room and hallway.  Even after multiple washes with unscented and scented detergent we found that the sheets still smelled.  We opened the windows and turned on fans, even putting a car freshener and two vanilla scented candles in the room.  We washed the crib mattress with baking soda and the carpet with carpet cleaner... nothing seemed to help.  My wife frantically searched the internet and found that Kids 'N' Pets was highly rated by multiple users across several sites and was sold at a grocery store near us.  She called to find out that they had exactly one left and would hold it for us. Shortly thereafter, she returned with the Kids 'N' Pets and we used it liberally, as directed.  Within a half hour, we could again enter her room without gagging and a short while later could barely detect the smell at all.  The following day, the smell was entirely gone and we could breath easy. THANK YOU KIDS 'N' PETS!


Chapel Hill, NC


Dont't Waste Your Money


As a lifelong owner of pets, particularly cats and dogs, home cleanliness is a very high priority. I am usually on the lookout for products that are able to handle my specific areas of pain, namely pet stains. Anything that can help me do a thorough job quickly and be non-toxic is welcome in my household. I purchased this product expecting to see some improvement in a fairly new stain. The result was nothing. I would have done no worse if I simply used a good quality soap and disinfectant or club soda. They do claim a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied so not all is lost.


Cream Ridge, NJ


I really love the Kids and Pets All Purpose Stain Remover.


The Paramount Kids and Pets Stain Remover is amazing. It really does work. We got it because of our puppy Otis who like many puppies left his mark and a few other stinky messes on our carpets. It was nearly impossibles to find something that was eco friendly but I was so glad I did. It's non-toxic and safe to have near kids or pets. That is a huge comfort to many moms and dads and grandparents who want the best for their little ones. Kids and Pets got up dog poo, tinkle from the puppy, and even throw up. It leaves a pleasant odor. We also use it for a pre-treat for clothing, Some times we even use it to pretreat before we steam clean our rugs. I works so well on everything i use it for. I was amazed at how many uses it really has. It does so well to remove old stains that we've had for a while, stains that I have tried a number of things on and i'm glad the Kids and Pets worked on them. The only downfall is it can be a little hard to find and I wish it cam in a gallon.\


Doylestown, PA


Great for me!


The Paramount Kids "N" Pets Instant All Purpose Stain And Odor Remover is amazing. This is what I liked about it:1. It works! As long as it works I'm good, but the extra features are a bonus!2. No bad smells. Thats good because I really don't want my house smelling.3. Non- toxic. Thats great overall.4. Works on really old stains. I was surprised it did and was very happy when the mustard stain came out of my couch last week.5. Eco friendly Odor remover...Great for the environment is great for me. The things I don't like about it: 1. The odor remover goes very fast! I literally wished it came by the gallon. Besides that this odor remover product is amazing and deserves the 4 stars I gave it! I recommend this to everyone that has kids that make stains or themselves that make stains like myself. Great odor remover so when guests come over, they will never know the stain was ever there! A+ product!


Tuckerton, NJ


Paramount Kids 'N' Pets Instant All Purpose Stain and Odor Remover

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