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Wolfgang Puck
Wolfgang Puck Electric Carving Knife

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interesting addition to a gadget collection


I'm familiar with Wolf gang Puck and I know most of his products are great. So when I purchase this knife I expected ease and comfort from a top brand item. This knife is not practical and isn't for just anyone to whip out and use anytime. Its a little heavy and awkward and isn't a practical every day use type of thing. I've used this knife twice and the second time I told my husband it was like a kitchen chainsaw. Its bulky and doesn't store very well. Just kinda takes up space and is one of those buyers remorse type things that every time I see it I think who can I give this thing to. I'd say pass on this purchase not worth the price even if it were free. Comfort Bulky and awkward. Performance Cuts well once you get it going. Durability Its like the tank of all electric knives. Design Heavy and not visually appealing. Might work well for someone who owns their own restaurant and needs to cut meat etc ... on a regular basis. Someone who doesn't mind using a bulky kitchen tool. Not for a practical kitchen with limited space.

Coronado, CA


Makes even slices quick


This is a great heavy duty knife for creating even professional looking slices of meat. The knife is a little overwhelming in size and I find it a challenge to handle and store. Overall I would recommend this knife. Comfort A little awkward for me but love the results Performance Neat even slices make for compliment Durability The way that it is made seem durable enough so I don't expect any problems. It is easy to clean and the blades are sharp and appear they will last. Design I haven't had very good luck with electric knives being sharp enough and also easy to use. This one is a plus in the sharp enough but it is awkward for me to handle therefore I don't use it as I would

Peoria, AZ


Wolfgang Puck Electric Carving Knife

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