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Wilton Cake Leveler

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Wilton Cake Leveler: No More Lopsided Cakes In My Kitchen!


Have you ever baked a cake only to remove it from the oven and see a hump in the middle of it? Not only does that make it hard to frost, it makes it almost impossible to decorate. The cake leveler from Wilton is a nice alternative to using a knife to create a flat surface on a cake. When you use a knife to trim the slope on a cake you run the risk of getting crumbs everywhere and that could lead to them getting stuck in the frosting or icing. The cake leveler is easy to use. You can use it while the cake is still in the baking pan or once it has been removed. If you've ever used an old fashioned cheese slider, this operates in the same manner. You guide the tension line over the top of the cake to trim off the uneven areas. You can also use this to cut a thicker cake in to layers and since you are not using a knife there are no pressure points to recess the edges. I have used a number of different cake levers over the years but always go back to using this one because I know exactly how it is going to perform. You can use it for cupcakes too if you want to remove the tops so you have a flat surface to decorate on. This is dishwasher safe but I prefer to hand wash it and allow it to air dry; there are too many things that could get stuck to it if it is placed in the dishwasher.



Wilton Cake Leveler

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