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Williams-Sonoma Vintage Classic Car 9 Piece Cake Pan

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I would never buy the William Sonoma Car Cake Pan again


Overall, I am not a big fan of the **Willian Sonoma Vintage Class Car cake pan**. I must first say that I am an overall fan of William Sonoma- I love almost everything I own from William Sonoma, but this product bombs in my opinion. I have tried to cook mini cakes with my son 4 times using this pan and each time it was a total disaster. The pan itself is really cool. The Vintage Classic Car cake pan was really well designed and definitely inspired me to cook. The set includes a 1920's sedan and a 1950's convertible, a 1960s muscle car and more! The detail is pretty incredible and the pan itself has a nonstick finish. I was so eager to jump in cook with this pan. But, what I found is it is hard to cook with. Each time I tried to make mini vintage car cakes, the cars stuck (despite adding additional grease), the cars didnt even remotely look like cars when they came out and there was no easy way to reassemble them to look even remotely like cars. I will say I am not the best baker. But, I generally can recover from a bad baking experience. In this example, I couldnt at all. So, now the pan sits on my shelf and collects dust. Bummer, since I was so inspired by it early on. I would pass on buying the product. It looks better than it performs.

Chicago, IL


Williams-Sonoma Vintage Classic Car 9 Piece Cake Pan

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