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1999 Jeans
White Sewing Machine

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Stands the test of time!


I have now had the Jeans Machine White sewing machine for *sixteen years*, and it is still going strong! It has wowed a few friends who've had to use it as well! I love using the standard stitch, but it also comes with an array of useful stitches, including a button stitch, several zig-zag stitches and many more! The instructions are extremely helpful and even a novice seamstress can figure this machine out. The removeable storage area allows for a skinny "arm" to slip smaller pieces onto for easier stitching. The price for this machine was outstanding, and I have never regretted getting it! It's easy to thread and I've never had it to the repair shop once!

Lewiston, MN


White sewing machine has done the job for me!


I am a beginning seamstress, and received the White brand Jeans Sewing machine as a gift from my father. I have enjoyed this machine. I have not tried other machines, so I cannot compare this one to those, but I have done a lot of sewing on this and it's still working okay. I was having a problem for a while with loose stitches on the bottom, and adjusting the tension didn't help, but finally discovered a loose screw and learned more about the different needle sizes and which needles are for which fabrics, and I haven't had any more problems in a while. It needs to be cleaned periodically, especially after sewing minky (which sheds like crazy!), but all machines need a good cleaning. I do break needles occasionally, but usually it's because I run over a needle or something stupid like that. I like my machine because I'm familiar with it and can run it easily. It only takes about ten seconds to thread. I can wind the bobbin easily. I enjoy this machine.

Pleasant Grove, UT


A disappointment for experienced sewer, discouraging for novice!


 A friend who is a novice sewer gave me this model for free since she couldn't figure out how to use it. I'm an experienced seamstress and have owned Viking, Singer, Kenmore, Brother and now White. I've heard White is a good brand, so I'm willing to keep trying to get it to work.  I have broken two needles just trying to get familiar with the machine.  So far, I grade this the worst machine I've owned - even for free. Thank goodness I didn't pay anything for it, since I may give it away.  

Phoenix, AZ


I would not buy another White "Jeans machine."


I needed a new sewing machine and was talked into buying a White "Jeans Machine" at a fabric store. The sales person assured me that all the women there loved that type of machine. So I purchased one. I need a reliable machine because I do alterations and have been sewing for the past 40 years.Within 3 months I had to take it into a repair shop to have the zig zag stitch adjusted. I continued to have minor problems with it and I found that it wasn't as heavy duty as I was told.The instruction manuel was the worst written booklet that I've ever seen. The drawings were very crude and hard to understand. It was obviously written by someone that did not have English as their first language. I found it to be little help to me and there was so much more that they could have explained on the use of the machine.I found that  button holes were difficult to make with the machine and didn't finish well.The machine can sew through jeans and heavy material but you have to be very careful or you will break needles. It is good for straight stitch sewing and bacic work. For the price, which wasn't very high, it would be a good machine for a beginner or someone who needs a machine for basic work. But I would not recommend it to anyone who is an advanced sewer. Also, with the problems with the instruction booklet, it would not be good for someone who relies on an instruction book to help them with their machine.

Altoona, PA


White Sewing Machine

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