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Bernina Mechanical Sewing Machine

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this pruduct is amazing


its the best sewing machine


Very Good Sewing Machine


This Bernina Mechanical Sewing Machine has worked very well for me. I just gave it away to my mother a couple of weeks ago (as I have upgraded to a newer and more advanced sewing machine) but prior to that, I had owned it for about two and a half years along with another sewing machine. Anyways, it worked very well for me but the only flaw that it had was that it didn't have a whole lot of features and it also wasn't very durable. Other than that, its stitch performance was excellent and it suited my needs for two years. Definitely better than hand sewing. I would recommend this sewing machine for beginner or intermediate sewers but for the advanced sewer (like me) I would advise you to get something a little more advanced. Stitch Performance Excellent stitch performance with any kind of thread. Ease of Use Very easy to use, for a sewing machine. Design Sort of bulky design but overall very modern and clean cut. Durability Only lasted me about two or three years before I wanted to replace it.



Great little sewing machine


I am a beginner at this sewing stuff, so I wanted an easy to use machine that I could learn on and it would not be far too confusing. I am very satisfied with this machine. I bought it and I started to use it right away and found that the directions made it very easy to figure out how to use it, as I am someone who prior to this has never used a sewing machine in my entire life. The machine is nice sized and does not take up a whole ton of room, so it is great if you do not have a huge space to work with. The machine really is simple to use and figure out and it works wonderful on every type of fabric that I have put through it without any types of problems. The stitch always comes out very straight and nice looking and I am very pleased overall with how it has performed so far. The machine is very durable as well, I have moved twice with it and it has also been knocked off where I have it sitting a few times by a couple of children. Pick it up, dust it off and it works all the time, every single time, it has never failed me yet.



Bernina's are the best of the best.


I was introduced to Bernina sewing machines in college and learned to take my sewing to a whole new level on them. Both their mechanical and computerized machines are fantastic, and old Bernina's are amazing work horses. The difference between the motor on a low end Bernina and a high end Singer (or Brother, etc.) is obvious to even someone without a lot of sewing machine experience. While I sadly don't currently have a Bernina at home, when I had to buy a new machine for work I immediately chose to go with this one. We use this particular machine less for major sewing projects (though it can do them) and more for general repairs, but it sees use on a large number of different fabrics and has worked beautifully like all the Bernina's I've encountered in the past. As a basic sewing machine it can't be beat, and as someone who doesn't need all the fancy embroidery attachments of the newer machines, I'm very pleased with this model. Someday I'll have one at home too!

Woodside, NY


I love my Bernina!


My parents got me this for a graduation gift and I love it. My aunt was the one who recommended it to them for me. She is a home-ec teacher and uses these in her classroom. THey are basic enough to not be overwhelming, but also have everything you could need for your basic sewing projects. Berninas are famous for being well-built and durable. And it has sewn probably hundreds or thousands of miles since I got it and it still just purrs. I have two complaints. First, the shank that it came with had a little plastic release trigger to exchange the feet and that just snapped off in my hand  one day. It was pricey to replace that and I was dissapointed that it was not  covered in the warranty but, of course, they don't cover plastic parts. And secondly, the walking foot for Bernina machines is ridiculously and outrageously expensive.All other machines make their feet interchangable by brands but Bernina's is brand specific and super pricey.

Durham, NC


The only machine I will ever own.


Grandma has this, I have this, my adult daughters have this.... and would buy this exact model for anyone! The selling point was when we originally bought it my kids were learning to sew. The sales rep offered to have my kids try it out, yes try it at age 9 and 7. The rep convinced me they would not hurt it and they have NEVER had a problem. Nor have I nor my other realtives with this model. I have made literally a thousand or more quilts on it for donations to assisted living buildings. It NEVER jams.  

Fort Wayne, IN


Bernina Mechanical Sewing Machine

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