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White Cloud
White Cloud Natural Aloe Wipes

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These are the best baby wipes I have ever used.


Being a stay at home mom I am always looking for ways to save a little money. When my daughter was born I purchaced these wipes at wal mart. I never even knew what the other wipes were like. I was always very happy with how strong they were and they were a good size( they coved my whole hand so I am able to go and give a good wipe the first time if she is squirming.). My mother bought me some huggie wipes and I was shocked. they were smaller and not as thick as the white cloud. These wipes come in scented and unscented. I didnt have a problem with the scented ones untill I bacame pregent with my son thaen then smell was to strong for me so I just used the unsented ones.

Austin, TX


good product but change is not good


I think white cloud wipes are wonderful and have used them for years BUT the new ones have been cut down and are too short to bring up the next wipe and that I don;t like. guess I will have to try to find me another brand. I won't recommend them to others for that reason. Sarah Helms chelms262@yahoo.com

Concord, NC


White Cloud Wipes, great wipes at a great price!


White Cloud Natural Aloe Wipes are the best wipes for the lowest price. I wanted to find a quality wipe at a low price. Because my family goes through so many. There isn't a better wipe in this or any other price range.  White Cloud Natural Aloe Wipes are thick, large, soft, effective, are available in scented and unscented, and are sold at a very low price. What more could you possibly ask for? I not only keep a supply in my diaper bag and in the nursery. But I also keep them in my bathroom because my entire family uses wipes, not just the baby. And we use them for everything. They are a great make-up remover, great for wiping sticky little hands and faces, and of course great to use at diaper changing time. These wipes are much better than the pricer brands and much larger than most. I buy the unscented for baby and scented for the adults. But are very effective. White Cloud Natural Aloe Wipes are the best wipes around!

Canton, OH


best wipes out there!


White Cloud wipes are the best wipes I have ever used. They are cheap and thick wipes. I have never had any problems with using these wipes and they are the only wipes I use on my children. They clean up the messiest diaper changes and are great for cleaning sticky faces and fingers. They come in scented and unscented. If you want a cheap product with the quality of more than you pay than buy these wipes. You can find them at walmart.

Fond Du Lac, WI


thank you for making an unscented wipe...they are the best


I am very sensitive to fragrances and scents and was thrilled to find these terrific wipes come in unscented.  I cannot find the container so am just buying the refill packs but that is better than having another product in my home that makes my eyes water and burn from the strong smell they seem to have in everything these days.  Thanks for making this wipe in unscented!

Highland, KS


White Cloud Natural Aloe Wipes

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