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Whirlpool WMH1163XVS Microwave Oven

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I just want something that lasts! This microwave was great, nice size, heated quickly, lots of good features and handy controls. My husband installed it fairly easily and it looks wonderful. Still looks wonderful, but now it is just a storage shelf. It just stopped heating, no sparks, no warning. It still runs and acts like it is working but sadly, it is all pretend. My 3 teenage kids are going to shrivel up and die without it, because they don't know how to really cook anything! I could understand a cheap countertop lasting only 3 years, but this is a built in, and Whirlpool at that.

Oceanside, CA


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This microwave came with our house. It works just like a microwave oven should. It has plenty of power and capacity. It has a turntable for even cooking or heating. The stainless steal is real, not just a stainless finish like so many other products.

Colorado Springs, CO


Looks Great!!!!


This microwave is easy to use and looks great. Was easy to install and seems to be very durable!!! Performance This runs great and quitely Settings/Features there are a number of preset buttons that are easy to use and the fan is quiet. Ease of Use This has easy to push buttons so that the young ones can easily use. Design Very sharp looking over my stainless stove!!!!

Wasilla, AK


Attractively Designed, Stainless Steel, Over the Stove Microwave


Still working well after 3.5 yrs of continuous use. This microwave is positioned over my stove and heats food quickly and evenly. It is a sleek, attractive stainless steel design with a turntable and easy-to-use control panel. I like the timer feature and 30 second button for quick heat ups. Durability So far, so good. I use this appliance constantly throughout the day. Hope it lasts!

Winnetka, IL


Whirlpool WMH1163XVS Microwave Oven

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