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Whirlpool WFG381LVQ Gas Range

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Whirpool Gas Range


I bought this range about two months ago and so far I am very happy with my purchase. The cook top is covered with two cast iron grates that are very easy to remove for cleaning. All I do is lift one up and clean underneath and then do the other one. Spills are a breeze to clean up now. The two power burners are wonderful if you are needing to boil two separate pots of water, they boil the water very fast. I like using the middle fifth burner for rice and other food items that need to be simmered. The oven is very roomy, I can easily fit 4 cookie sheets in there. Controls are easy to use and it heats up quickly. Temperature Control Heats very quickly, has quite a few temperatures to choose from. Heat Distribution So far everything I have cooked and baked as come out beautifully. Heat distributes pretty evenly. Durability Has held up to my two kids pulling on it and hitting it. Still looks new. Design To me this range looks restaurant quality, I think it's the grates on the top. I love how it looks in my kitchen, looks very fancy! Ease of Cleaning Super easy to clean the cook top, the grates come right off! I have not used the self cleaning on the oven and I will never use it, I prefer cleaning it with cleaner and my hands.




Best Value for the Money


We were looking for a mid-range priced kitchen range and settled on this one. I love the way the cooking top is completely covered by grates - looks very nice in the kitchen and it seems to be easier to clean than my old model. My favorite feature is the power burner - I can't believe how quickly it can boil water. Such a time saver! The timer and other controls are very easy to operate and figure out. The oven seems to cook evenly and matches up pretty well with the suggested times on things I've baked. So nice, because I was used to having to really fiddle with that to get accurate results. My storage drawer in my previous range would always get extremely hot, making it difficult to remove pans while baking. I have not had this issue at all with this particular range - the bottom drawer stays cool. Great value for the money spent! Very pleased with this purchase.


Cleveland, OH


Whirlpool WFG381LVQ Gas Range

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