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GE Profile Freestanding Gas Range

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Long lasting


The General Electric Freestanding Gas Range has been a great stove/oven for us. We have had our for more than 4 years now and it is working great and we are really satisfied with its performance. It is simple to use and has a lot of variety in temperatures for cooking so you can make the most of what you are cooking. Its great for stove top recipes but also for the oven. We really use our oven a lot of meat, chicken and potatoes. The stove top is great too for if you are cooking many things at the same time and need to use all the burners at once. Temperature Control Lots of options for temperature control. Heat Distribution Heat distribution is even and food cooks easily at different temperatures. Durability This is wonderful. GE has long lasting products. Design The design is simple, classic and functional. Not more that what you need. No fancy things, just the basics. Ease of Cleaning Super simple to clean. If you have a bit of a mess, just let them soak for awhile under greaser remover and you are set.

Minneapolis, MN


GE Cooks everything perfect!


I have only had this stove for about two weeks and swear the food I cook has never tasted so good! This Gas range heats up quickly and cooks everything evenly never leaving half of the tray of chicken breast raw and the other half burned like some of the electric ranges I have used in the past...I am a believer in gas ovens and will be a user of them for the rest of my life! This range offers a digital clock and everything is push button, no extra tacky turning knobs, just smoothe attractive buttons.. aside from the burner knobs! The broiler is on the top..extra plus, no having to put food in that odd drawer thing only to pull it out completly charred! It is also self cleaning...I have not tried this feature yet but Im excited to see how well it works.

Clio, MI


My new GE Profile Gas Range is a keeper


My new GE Profile gas range was installed today and I have used it several times already!  The burners are different sizes so I can use several sizes of pans or kettles and they will cook evenly.  The oven is so big and bright - the interior light is great!  The garlic bread I made for supper came out so yummy - browned evenly and not soggy on the bottom.  The Lasagna was delicious too - not burnt on the top - just perfect!  I plan on using this oven for the Christmas baking this year and can't wait to use it often.  I am sure that I will be using this oven/range for many years to come.  The outside appearance is so nice - easy to wipe up spills and the stainless steel cleaned up so nice too.  I love the fifth burner or griddle option.  I had a griddle in a range about 20 years ago (it was coppertone colored - so that really dates it!) - and I loved that feature so much.  I look forward to using it to make my husband's favorite Swedish pancakes!

Rockford, IL


Ge Profile range makes cooking not a hassle


This range was a gift when I purchased my new house and I am glad they picked it out and not me, I love this stove, It has a griddle in the middle which is fairly easy to clean and can make around 8 slices of big bacon or two grilled ham and cheese sandwich with big bread not just sandwich bread. it is very aesthetically pleasing and the burners are not equal in size which makes it nice and they are set up perfectly with a large one in front for your main dish, and smaller ones for pots in the back for your sides. The large one puts out alot of btus, if the recipe says to cook on high, I cook on medium, if it says cook on medium, I cook on low, etc... It also has a power boil which gets that pot boiling rapidly, the oven controls on it are real simple to use, It has a preheat button which I used once and it was pointless becuase once it gets preheated, you have to hit off then hit bake at the same temperature. I just hit bake and set my temp. it beeps at you.

Susanville, CA


They should recall the stove doors on GE Profile Ranges


We have a GE Profile Gas and Elec. and spill got inbetween the glass on oven door, so many people have this same problem with the GE stoves and the only way to get it out is to pay for a service call, I really think that they should do a recall on the door, there must be something that their doing wrong thats so easy for liquids to get in between the glasses.

Florence, AZ


GE Profile Freestanding Gas Range

4.4 5