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Whirlpool Freestanding Gas Range

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This Whirlpool is a good oven.


This Whirlpool gas range oven is pretty easy to use. It heats evenly and things come out looking pretty good. I don't like it when something you're baking comes out burnt on one side and not done on the other. The gas range works well, and it has a power burner that heats at a higher temperature. This works well in high altitudes because things take much longer to cook. Because the boiling point is lower the higher up in altitude you go, "boiling hot" water is not quite as hot here as it is in lower elevations. So things come to boil quicker but take longer to cook. This oven was originally powered by propane but was successfully converted to natural gas later to save money. The outside of the oven is easy to clean, as well as the rangetop, but the grates get stuff stuck on them that is hard to get off. I don't want to use too many caustic cleaners or anything that might scratch, because scratches make food stick even worse. The inside of the oven is no problem though, because it has auto-clean. The display is simple and the controls are easy to use. There's a spacious drawer on the bottom and the oven has a pretty large capacity. Altogether it's a pretty good oven.  


Woodland Park, CO


Whirlpool Freestanding Gas Range

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