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Whirlpool Freestanding Gas Range

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I love the 5 burner option and aqua clean


I loved the aqua clean feature and was why I purchased. The 5 burners have been such a great option and I really love the flat griddle that came with it. I like the different btu's of the burners, makes it nice to cook eggs or boil water fast Temperature Control Once you get used to the different controls it is a great asset to your cooking, The oven is well calibrated and cooks evenly Heat Distribution Each burner has a different btu and distributes the heat evenly depending on what your needs are. Durability dark cast iron grating on the top, 2 full sized grates instead of individual cast iron burner covers make it so much easier to balance multiple pots and pans Design I like the design with the 5 burner and large cast iron grating for cooking. The rop and outsides clean easily. the inside of the oven is spacious and has 3 racks instead of 2 and has a rack that flips up so you can roast or bake on a lower area and have a tall item on the same shelf. Ease of Cleaning aqua technology is so much nicer than the old burn it off at a high temperature. It is such a delight to have a less toxic, less time, more efficient and environmentally friendly way to clean the oven.



Shift pots and pans around with ease on the Whirlpool Gold.


  Shifting pots and pans around has never been easier, thanks to the full-width, cast-iron grates on this freestanding Whirlpool gas range (model GFG461LVT).  And, with the new recessed cooktop, burner grates sit flush for a sleeker appearance and for easy clean-up the grates can go right into the dishwasher.  The TimeSavor convection cooking system uses a fan and third heating element to provide flavorful results fast.  Rapid Preheat even preheats the oven 20% faster than normal and Delay Bake allows you to set the timer to start baking at a later time.  Invaluable as well is the PreciseClean self-cleaning system automatically that cleans the oven according to soil level so no messy, smelly, toxic cleaners are ever needed. This was a wise purchase, the value is spectacular all the way around and many good meals are waiting to be cooked on this range!!  

Buffalo, NY


Would not buy again


When I remodeled my kitchen, I got rid of my Magic Chef stainless steel range. It was about 30 years old, but it was still shiny and the burners were powerful. I expected that a brand new range would exceed the old one. BOY WAS I WRONG!!! I hate the whirlpool stove. First, the burners are NOT powerful. It takes forever to heat up a skillet or boil water. I also noticed, that the difference in flame/ heat from the high setting to the low is negligible. I had the stove checked twice and was told it was normal. Now, after 2 years of use, it makes a strange buzzing/humming noise when I sometimes use the oven. I am so disgusted with the stove top as well. It is black on top and it is horrendous to clean. It never looks clean. Do not waste your money on this brand.

Arlington, MA


Burners boil water quickly


I have never been happier  with a stove than the whirlpool gold. THe different btu's for the burners help when you are cooking more than one thing at a time.  The hotter burners are in front to get things boiling quickly, the middle burner is slightly lower btu for frying and everyday cooking. the back burners are each slightly lower than each other so simmering or gently making an over easy egg is perfect each time. I love the cast iron grids on top, there is no staining even with boil over and canning.  The two pieces fit side by side nicely and are level and heavy enough to keep every thing steady- even large pressure canners.  they clean easily in the sink and are not too heavy for a small woman to lift and move.  the oven heats quickly and does a great job with even heating and has a great digital command center that is easy to hear and see. Not complicated to operate at all. The front of the oven where the glass door is doesnt get hot when in use which is great with small children around.

Elmore, OH


Cooking with a Whirlpool Stainless Steel Gas Range


The Whirlpool stainless steel gas range has been a welcome addition to my kitchen. (All of my appliances are from Whirlpool and are stainless steel.) This was my first gas stove- I would have installed an electric range (with a easy clean glass top), but I didn't have the electrical outlet or capacity. But, I'm so glad I was forced to go with gas! I've known that people say cooking with gas is better, but I didn't believe it until I tried it. Although, having to scape pieces of food out from the burner is not too much fun. The oven has a large capacity and the controls on the top are easy to use. I do have one major complaint- some paint at the top corner of the stove (under the controls) did kind of melt away one day when some hot oil hit sprayed on it. That was pretty obnoxious and it bothers me every time I see it. It happened after just a few months of buying it. Another nice feature is how well the metal part over the burners come out, which can be popped in the dishwasher to make cleaning just a little easier. 

Cleveland, OH


Attractive Design with Awesome Powered Burners!!Wow Nice Product


I keep thinking this isn't a stove.Let me count the ways.Whirlpool freestanding gas range.The burners are a variety of sizes.The small are just waiting there to simmer and simmer.That makes it so much easier to clean than the old unit.I am one of those types that doesn't think a half hour ahead when it comes to preheating the oven.The rapid heat feature covers up my flaw. It marches the temp up and is ready when I am. Convection.Yes, great. But what I really like is the display which tells me which of the choices does what.So, I can set it to a frozen pizza or one of the other setting without getting out the book. without even rotating half way through.I did a cheese cake.The top wasn't the pale top the old stove produced in the cooking time.The porcelain SpillGuard cooktop on this 5.0 cu.ft. freestanding gas range helps prevent occasional spills from running over the edge.Best Product!!

Oaklyn, NJ


Quality performance from the Whirlpool Gas range!


When we were choosing appliances for our home, there were certain things that were very important to us and after lots of research we felt like this particular stove was the way to go. It is a gas stove with 5 burners on the cooktop. The extra burner is very useful and is used alot by me. The top of the stove has the cast iron grates that go the whole way across the top of the stove, which means no more spilling or tilting of your pots and pans. It is alot easier to move them around now. The pre heat function for the oven is really fast, telling you when you can put food in if its just one sheet (which is earlier) and it is also a convection oven, so a lower temperature at the same cooking time. All bonuses. It is a self cleaning oven and it does a great job, leaving me to sit back and relax. Overall, I feel that this is a quality appliance that is also a good value for money. My food always turns out great!

Aubrey, TX


Whirlpool Freestanding Gas Range

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