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Very good looking, Has handle to pull door open so no possibility for a broken push latch. has 30 sec button feature and if your kitchen is getting to hot, the fan automatically comes on and you can't turn it off, it is so noisy, loud, can't hear over it and occasionally it will microwave your food and not actually heat it up. No real happy with purchase Performance Loud and doesn't heat everytime it gets turned on. I have to sometimes just hit the 30 sec add option over and over again to get to 3 minutes. I have never had a problem with this feature heating, but I have on the regular 3 min and start feature. Settings/Features standard options, that is good, 30 sec add button feature is nice, fast, convenient Ease of Cleaning Easy clean up. most things wipe up with just a warm cloth on the inside and the stainless steel outside is sort of easy. It must be wiped with a clean cloth and a windex style product to get no streaks. Ease of Use push the button and it turns on.........sometimes. the 30 sec option is quick and easy. Durability stainless steel, should last a while and the flat electronic buttons wipe down easy but I fear this feature might not stand up. Design looks great, sleek, attractive and has matching whirlpool counter parts.



Best Microwave for your money!


This is a quality microwave by Whirlpool and I do not think you will find a better deal. This model will frequently go on sale if you keep an eye out for it, and was the main reason I purchased this one. And of course it's a Whirlpool so you cannot buy a better make. The design is simple and I love the hidden vent on the top. It does a everything you would want in a microwave. I do a lot of baking and I love the soften/melt butter option. Two not perfect points about this model is you cannot not the turntable off, which my old microwave had and I think I used it once in 8 years, and that the installation directions are a little off on the dimensions. When we installed the microwave using the provided guide it ended up being about a half inch too low. Not a huge deal but be sure you measure the microwave itself and do not just use the provided guide.

Callaway, VA



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