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Westinghouse Electric 32 in. TV

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Good television at a reasonable price.


I really like this tv. It may not be one of the "brand" names but I have been really satisfied with it. Picture Quality I think the picture is just fine on this television. It is sharp and the colors look good as well. Sound Quality The sound is good on this product as well. You can sit a decent amount of feet away from it and hear it great. Durability As far as durability, I think this tv is fine. It seems difficult for me to rate a tv on durability since it just stays in one place and hopefully will never get dropped! Design The design is slim and looks good on the stand. Performance Does what it is supposed to and the price was very reasonable.


Henderson, NV


Great tv!


I love this led tv. It is awesome! It is affordable and built to last. I was a little weary at first about purchasing this product, but then I decided to purchase it. The price was 320 for a 32 inch LED HDTV. I could not pass this deal up. The tv has the ability to mount on the wall, which I did. It looks great! It also has a red strip along the bottom which illuminates red when turned on. The tv itslef is featherless, weighing in at 14 pounds. I was able to mount it and install it all by myself, not needing the help of anyone. This was a great design feature. The picture on this tv is also amazing. My friend brought over his xbox one day and he commented on the picture quality, saying it was better than his hdtv. There are a few notes before purchasing this product though. The sound is ok, not the best. Also, switching channels takes a little more time than desired. The unit also takes about 5 seconds to power up, displaying a white Westinghouse logo and black background. Overall, this unit is a great buy if you are purchasing an hdtv with the latest led technology.


Goodyear, AZ


Great tv


I purchased this TV at target on black friday 2010, and haven't had any problems at all! Many people tried talking me out of it, but I'm so glad I did! A few people said who's westinghouse? but they've been around for awhile. The picture looks great on the tv the colors are vibrant and the pictures super sharp.The controls are very easy to use on the tv's menu. All the buttons are nicely hidden on the side, and was super easy to hook up. We were even able to hook up our laptop to the tv as well! It's more energy efficent than our old box tv too. The only problem we've had with this TV is our cable box's remote would not sync to it, but that's not the tv's fault. the cable man said it was too new of a tv that they didn't have it updated for it yet. Overall, it's a great tv. They aren't too pricey, and it isn't the best 5 star tv out there. If you are on a budget, but want a flat screen, this may be the tv for you.


Clearwater, FL


It Creaps Me Out


So first off let me say that I do really love this TV.  It has never given me a problem, when my house was struck my lighting this was one of the only things not to get ruined. I have had it now for quite a few years and it still works the same as it did when I first got it.  I leave it on non stop, whether its for my ps3 that I leave on pause or whether I keep it on all night for the background noice, or even if I just forget to turn it off, it just never does me any wrong... However there is a reason I did not give this a 5... Sometimes, out of no where, this little black line comes across my screen with real strange letterings on it.  Like the one time my fiance and I were talking and all of a sudden "I C U" comes on my screen with a black bar behind it.  Another time complete words flashed on like "thats him over there"  I dont know why, all I know is it looks like captioning but it doesnt say anything tremotely close to the show thats it... It is totally insane and creaps me out!


Dallas, PA


Westinghouse Electric 32 in TV does the job


If you are in the market for a new flat screen TV, The Westinghouse Electric LD-3255VX 32 in. TV would be a great one to consider. It displays a crisp clear image that makes it easy to read even the small print in some advertising and has different demension settings so I always can see the scores of the games not lie the older television sets that would cut them off. the wider screen compared to a standard "tube" set gives a larger image when watching movies that are shot in wide screen as well. the base makes the television stable enough that my toddler has yet to knock it over. One of the biggest features I was looking for was that the buttons are not on the face of the television instead they have been placed on the bottom left edge where little people and girlfriends can't walk in and turn the channel with 30 seconds left in the game. The Television was priced lower than most comparable sizes but offered the same quality. And as a bonus it actually picks up more stations without an antenna than the digital converter box did with an antenna


Van Horne, IA


Great Picture!


The Westinghouse tv is great.  It is not the most expensive or popular brand out there but it produces a nice picture.  This television is quite light.  Compared to plasma television's which are much heavier and feel like you are carrying a piece of furniture, this one is super light.  The picture if bright and the look of the ld vs plasma is in my opinion brighter.  You can really tell in sporting events how much brighter and clearer the picture.  If are you worried about the fast actions sporting events, it does fine.  The one thing I did notice but this could be in many of the brands is the sound.  When you are watching a normal program, the sound is normal but when dramatic music or a commercial comes on, it sounds like it is booming.  Every time music comes on, turn it down!   It is way to loud.  However recently we were at my in-laws and they have an older television and there tv did the same thing.  


Xenia, OH


Westinghouse Electric 32 in. TV

4.2 6