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Western Governors University - Bachelors in Business Management

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I love it, I am a junior in Accounting and it is wonderful


**     Western Governors University is absolutely great.  I have gone to another university online and was not at all happy with them.  WGU has got the latest online tools available, many libraries, and many other resources.  There professors are awesome as is my mentor.  They assign a mentor to each student and that person is with you throughout the entire degree program, so your mentor gets to know your study habits, your abilities, etc.**    **In fact, when I was having a lot of trouble with a class, he suggested an entirely new approach and it worked for me.**  **The professors are available all day usually and they answer e-mails very quickly.  My mentor and I talk every week and he is available any time that I need him, both by telephone and e-mail.**

Greenville, SC


The most cost effective little known online school available!


I am a tuition reimbursement administrator for a large company and had to research WGU (Western Governors University) when a new associate submitted her Degree Plan for approval in our tuition reimbursement program .  I was so impressed with it's history, credentials and process that I chose it for myself when I decided to return to school. From the hundreds of colleges and universities that I have worked with, WGU offered the best program selections, and even more importantly, the best costs of any school, especially those online.  They operate on 6 month periods, which start on the first of each month. Each six month period is a set price, currently around $3000.  What makes that cost even more impressive is that you can take as many courses as you can during that 6 month period, and it's still the same price!  Compare that to other universities that charge as much as $1600 or MORE per course!  While their transfer credits were fair, I was most pleased with the fact that, since I have a number of years of business experience that don't actually have a "transfer" value, the knowledge I've gained from that is still applicable.  By testing prior to the start of courses (required, no extra cost) you are able to determine the areas you need to study, and those you don't, so you are not wasting time "learning" things you already know.  Additionally, you can accellerate your pace of study to finish sooner if you desire.  Note: Although you can actually attend graduation at their Utah campus if desired, this is an online college, and as such, may not be suitable for all students needs.

Columbus, OH


Western Governors University - Bachelors in Business Management

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