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West Bend
West Bend Bread Maker

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West Bend Bread Maker 41077


I don't know about you, but for me, a meal just isn't a meal without bread. My sister knew this, and that is why she bought me my West Bend Bread Maker 41077 in the first place. It is very affordably priced and easy to use, just dump in your ingredients and press the button, and you will have delicious bread in less than an hour. The machine does all the work. Plus, I find it to be very easy to clean. When I first got this machine I used it almost everyday, but as time went by I found myself using it less and less. Now it is mostly just a dust collector. So, my advice to you would be, if you are going to buy one of these great little machines, make sure you are going to use it. It is easy to use, but it still takes time, and if you are super busy you probably won't have the time and your bread machine will probably wind up collecting dust as mine did. For me store bought bread is not as good, but it is time saving and fits better into my lifestyle.


New Lisbon, WI


It was an Interesting to use, but fun


firist time using this... My aunt got it West Bend Bread Maker 41077 for christmas.           We tryed to make bread, 1st loaf didnt work, by the 3rd we pretty much figured it out.        So it was fun. Hope that helped. I would recommend this to friends..


Brimley, MI


Front loading is great on space- can be under cupboards


This machine still works well after  some years.  Bought it for mother when she lived in a condo and had limited space.  The front opening feature is wonderful.  You do not need to have open space above it except for heat clearance.  Bread turns out wonderful- sometimes the plastic mixers get stuck in the bread.  But the machine is still going strong.


Beverly Hills, CA


West Bend Bread Maker

3.7 3