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Weslo Cadence C72 Treadmill

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quality that lasts


I purchased this product used and it has been around a while, that is why the review.  I am very impressed with Weslo and its products.  This treadmill is in good condition and still runs as well as it did new. This treadmill has an electric incline--at a touch of the button it wil allow you to choose the percentage of incline you want.  It also shows you how fast you are going--miles per hour, the number of calories you are burning and with the use of thumb sensors, it can tell you what your heartrate is. This machine is sturdy and well built.  It is quite a large machine and takes up plenty of space, but it folds easily and can be moved around because it has wheels. There is an emergency shut off--in fact, you cannot start the machine even accidently until you have inserted the emergency shut off key; no need to worry about little ones touching the buttons and starting it up and getting hurt.

Superior, WI


Weslo Cadence C72 Treadmill

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