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Weil Baby
Weil Baby BPA Free Tritan Baby Bottles

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Very stiff and uncomfortable. Broke easily.


When we first saw these at our regular baby store, we thought that all of our problems were solved. The cylindrical bottle seemed perfect for hand cleaning and even putting in the dishwasher. We were especially excited about the great reviews that we had read and heard from friends, so when we were finally able to find it, we bought it immediately. But the design and making of this baby bottle was extremely flawed. The sucker part of the bottle that came with it was extremely stiff, making it uncomfortable for our little one to suck on. She wouldn't let us even put it in her mouth after trying it a few times. Also, even though we followed the cleaning directions carefully, we still could see a lot of places were milk residue formed, which became a health hazard. The bottles also cracked after just a few weeks, and we hadn't even used it often. We ended up just throwing them out and thus wasted a lot of money.




Great Bottles


I registered for these bottles because I was concerned with the whole BPA issue a few years back and these were one of few brands that offered glass. Yes, they are heavier than plastic bottles but I felt confident in knowing that no harmful chemicals from plastic are are affecting my baby's formula. They arent fragile so if they are dropped by accident, they wont shatter. And I find that glass bottles are easier to clean. I can hand wash them or throw them into the dish washer and I dont have to worry about plastic over heating. I can see clearly whether the bottle is clean and I also find that glass bottles are easier and faster to heat up using a bottle warmer. Dr. Weils also offers plastic bottles that also act as sippy cups that I use now that my daughter is a little older. I also want to add that my daughter is not picky about her bottles or nipples but she will only take a Dr. Weil's pacifier. These are definately quality products and I recommend this brand to all new moms.


Franklin, NJ


Good looking and safe to use!


We loved these bottles.  We used the glass ones, and always got compliments on how cool they looked!  I liked that the glass ensured we weren't getting BPA's, but the glass was a bit heavy, especially when the baby was younger. The nipples worked really well for our son.  We also have the sippy cups, and the nipples were changeable between both.  I liked the colors and that they looked more boy than girl, which is sometimes hard to find in baby products. I was selected to do a House Party to try out these products and also to share with friends.  I have had several friends try the cups and bottles as well, and they have all had good results.  Of course, all babies end up having preferences that might have nothing to do with what we think!  Luckily my son warmed right up to bottles and these were our favorite ones.  He never had problems with gas and was able to hold them up himself.  I would buy again!


Hillsborough, NC


Unhappy with quality; very satisfied with customer service


We bought these because of the unique venting feature, made in the USA, BPA free and convertible into sippy cup.  We also had difficulty with the bottles leaking, but that stopped after we starting wetting the nipple. Within a month or so, we noticed small cracks developing on the outside of the bottom of the bottle.  We thought it might be from putting them in the bottle warmer (although we did not read anything about not putting them into the warmer) so we started putting water in them the night before so that the water was room temperature.  Recently, we sent them to the sitter's and found the whole diaper bag soaking - the small cracks turned into one large crack rendering it completely unusable.  All in all, disappointed with what we thought was a good product.   UPDATE 2/8/10 This company is one of the best for customer service.  I spoke with a customer rep who was very interested in determining what was the cause of the cracking.  They are sending me replacement bottles so I hope to have better luck with these.


Suburban, NY


Weil Baby BPA Free Tritan Baby Bottles

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