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Weight Watchers
Weight Watchers Smart Ones Toffee Bar Sundae

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Very good dessert!


I have been trying all of the Weight Watchers desserts and have been so impressed. Their Toffee Bar Sundae is yet another success! A tasty cookie crust is topped with delicious toffee flavored ice cream (which has a really authentic taste), luscious caramel, pralines, and toffee bits. The toffee bits are a nice size. I really love the texture that the nuts and toffee bits add to this dessert. These flavors complement one another so well! The ice cream is absolutely delicious! It is so rich and creamy. I found this dessert to be sweet, delicious, and very satisfying. These Weight Watchers desserts are really helping me get through my dessert cravings!




Diet Decadence. I Love This


One thing I'll say about Weight Watchers is that they sure do offer a lot of variety as a way to ward off temptation. Their Smart Ones Toffee Bar Sundae is another great example of decadent dessert offerings to keep the weight conscious in line. There selection certainly has been helpful to me for some time. The Toffee Bar Sundae is no different than a lot of their other treats, it is absolutely delicious. It tastes great and definitely qualifies as a comfort food. What is not to love about caramel atop of pralines and cream ice cream. Add a light sprinkle of chocolate covered toffee candy pieces to the caramel and ice cream and you have bliss. The cookie crust is delightful as well. All these ingredients work together to make a superb dessert. Its a really great offering to enjoy on occasion. I must say that I do not eat this one nearly as often as some of my favorites, but the times I have enjoyed, it exceeded my expectations in enjoyment and quality as a dessert. For only 4 points, you cannot ask for too much more!




Weight Watchers Smart Ones Toffee Bar Sundae

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