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Weight Watchers Smart Ones-Swedish Meatballs

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Just Like Mama Makes


I love the Smart Ones Swedish meatballs. The sauce that they use tastes just like the ones my mother made when I was a child, not to mention the benefit you get from the low calorie and healthy ingredients that they use. Also, I find coupons for this product, wait until they are on sale and can get them at a reasonable price. Easy, convenient for on the go people and HEALTHY. Who could ask for more? Mama even thinks they taste like hers. I love the taste so much, I now eat three per day. I can see the weight just melting off. Of course, I change to different recipes so that I don't get bored with the Swedish meatballs, but on a whole, I love them and eat them most every day. The noodles they use are like homemade noodles too...I love the wider noodles.



OK not great


My husband & I like cream sauces-- so Weight Watchers helps us with this as for health reason my husband can't eat products with a lot of butter and me.. I like to fit in my clothes. We found this is OK not great. Noodles don't have much flavor and really stick together-- Not much flavor for sauce & meatballs rather bland ( and we eat a lot of Weight Watchers meals-- so I am not knkowcking Weight Watchers-- they're frozen food for the low fat choices is usually quite good00we like them better than lean Cuisine hands down)- We like the WEight Watchers Fettichini Alfredo better for cream sauce-- So rather than buy this ( or keep it in th freezer for an option) we are swutching over to more of the Weight Watchers Alfredo.

New York, NY


Weight Watchers Swedish Meatballs is tasty


I have bought and eaten this frozen dinner and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised.  It was quite tasty and I actually get hungry for it diet or not which is saying something.  I can't think of another diet food that I actually crave!!  The meatballs are just really tasty and I love it with the sauce and pasta.  For a diet food, you really can't go wrong if you like that sort of flavor.  I basically wouldn't even know that I was eating a diet food if it weren't for the fact that I had bought it myself.  I also like to supplement the Weight Watchers dinners with additional veggies so that it is more filling since all of their portions are very small.  By doing so, it is not only more filling but it reamins a good healthy low calorie choice.  With this particular dinner, I have added mushrooms which is a nice addition to the already yummy dinner.  It's great for one of those days that you just don't feel like cooking but yet don't want to eat something that's unhealthy.  This really fits the bill by just popping it in the oven.  I would certainly recommend this product and you will be pleasantly surprised even if you are already familiar with some of the other dinners.

Harrisburg, PA


Not great. Not good. Just okay.


The noodles were pretty bland, and so was the sauce. The meatballs were plain, but the texture was okay. I give it 2 stars just because I have tasted worse, and like I said, it wasn't too bad. I had to use to pepper and a little salt to get the flavor going. Definitely wouldn't recommend it.

Long Beach, CA


Weight Watchers Smart Ones-Swedish Meatballs

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