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Waggin Train
Waggin Train Chicken Stix

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Sticking with the sticks


We are constantly finding and trying new treats for our dog, these were no different it was just something new that we decided to try. Our dog absolutely loves these sticks, she likes a lot of her treats but these are almost an addiction for her, I have to hide and store them out of sight and mind or she will help herself to them all. I have no idea how healthy the treats are but I have to assume if she likes them as much as she does they can't be too bad. The little sticks have a very strong smell that gets stronger as she chews, the smell could be why she enjoys them so very much. I like to use these during training sessions she seems to preform better for these than any other treat I have tried, and they are easily broken in half to increase their use for me. I would recommend these to other dog owners, especially for people trying to train an animal, my dog has not yet become bored with or refused one of these treats to date.



Waggin Train Chicken Stix

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