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Vtech Spin N Learn Teaching Top

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Spin and Learn is made to last


I actually got this from a rummage sale so it had been used by kids before mine and it still works great and looks great! There are so many activities on this one toy that my daughter loved playing with it. The lights, sounds and songs are all fun for kids!

Watertown, WI


Well made teaching/learning product for children but LOUD!


I bought this top as one of the first real toys for my son because I'd heard a lot about the Vtech brand and it looked like a very well made toy.  I also got a super deal on it, which was the deal maker. So the first few times he used it, I think he was really too young to appreciate it and since it does make lots of different noises and sounds, he got tired of it after about two minutes. Now that he's a bit older though, he seems to enjoy pressing the animals and the side panels and *trying* to press the handle to make it spin (although I still have to do that for him).  Contrary to what other reviewers are saying, I really like this top better than others out there.  Like I said, it is very well made and secure and Vtech is known for making good educational toys (which this is).  It teaches children about different animals and their sounds, plays different types of music and helps them learn numbers.  The only thing I don't like about it is that although it does have two volume settings, even the 'low' one is very loud.  That's the only detractor; otherwise I'd say this was a great purchase!

Spartanburg, SC


Vtech Spin N Learn Teaching Top is fun!


The spin n learn teaching top is a cute toy. I can't say that my babies played with it for hours, but they did like it for a little bit here and there. It didn't seem to hold their attention too often. But the animals are cute, the music is good and the spinning is a nice touch. My babies never really caught on to how to push the button down to make it spin, but they liked it when I did it for them.

Albuquerque, NM


Very Annoying Toy


I really have mixed feelings about this toy.  We bought it for our son when he was about 8mo old and he really wasnt crazy about it.  It is slightly obnoxious b/c the noises overlap each other.  One phrase doesnt stop talking before the next one starts and it gets hard to listen too.  My daughter is now 5 months and she seems pretty impressed with it. I think my son just might have been too old for it by the time we got it for him.  He didnt dislike it but it did not hold his attention for very long either. She will sit by herself b/c she will lean to play with it (typically she just falls over when she tries to sit).  Its a great size toy for little ones to get their hands on and fits great between their little legs while playing with it.  The animals are easy and fun for the little ones to pull on and both my kids liked the spinning feature.  Lots of lights and sounds.  Overall its not my favorite but not terrible either.

Adairsville, GA


Vtech Spin N Learn Teaching Top was a waste of money


Vtech Spin N Learn Teaching Top was a waste of money. My daughter spent five minutes with this toy and moved on quickly. It does shapes and numbers as well as interacting with her to teach cause and effect. It seemed that she mastered it quickly and and abandoned it even quicker. We own several Vtech learning toys and this is by far my least favorite that I have purchased from them. It is made well, it seems very durable and easy to clean. It was not very expensive so it fit nicely in a budget concious family. It just did not have any bells or whistles that keeps a child focused. We tried several times to get her interested in it and she would give it one spin and be off on her next adventure. I really don't know what they could do differently to improve this toy I just know it quickly moved to the attic and will make it to a yard sale box. Vtech is a good brand, I think your money could be spent better on one of their other toys.

Bowling Green, KY


Not impressed, neither were my daughters


The Vtech Spin N Learn Teaching Top is just that, a top that spins. One good quality is it has a plunger top that is easy for babies to push down. It has four different modes that play music, ask questions and give answers. There is also number buttons and four different animals. It does also have a volume control, which is very nice. We gave this toy to my daughter when she was around seven or eight months old and she could have cared less about it. When she did play with it, it seemed to confuse her. It seems like it jumps from one thing to the next so fast it doesn't give babies any time to think or react to anything before its already on its next thing. It also didn't really seem to "teach" anything like it was supposed to. Not a great learning toy in my opinion, unless you want to teach your kids how to push buttons. The animal sounds are also really annoying as a parent, and I don't think my daughter liked them either.

Jefferson City, MO


Vtech Spin N Learn Teaching Top

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