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Vornado Fan

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True Whole Room Circulation~Vornado The Superior Fan!


We have a window air conditioner which is normally suffice for our humble home.  Ordinarily I don't complain much in the summer because in our rural area, we are completely surrounded by trees but this was a rare Summer in Michigan.  It's been hotter than usual.  It made more sense to my husband and I to invest in a nice strong fan to place in the hallway rather than buying central air.  Like everyone else, the economy has made finances tough right now.  I couldn't be happier than with our purchase of **Vornado's Whole Room Air Circulating Fan!**  It doesn't just blow out air, it circulates the air because it is multi-directional.  ETL approved it saves energy and money and everyone can agree to that!  We placed the fan in a position to circulate the cool breeze from our air conditioner and now the whole house is fresh and crisp within minutes rather than waiting for hours.  I only wish that we had thought of this sooner, earlier in this season.  Guaranteed to move air up to 60 ft.  If your house is large, I would recommend buying a few of these fans right now.  Being that Summer is coming to a close, you can find them at a lower price.  We got a splendid deal.  I can't forget to mention how quiet this fan is, another plus!  Definitely an asset, Vornado is the best fan we have ever owned!

Fort Gratiot, MI


Vornado Fan

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