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Vornado Portable Fan

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Efficient, Versatile Fan


The Vornado Portable Fan is an efficient way to cool a room in the summer and distribute heat in the winter. My Vronado table fan operates quietly enough that I can have it running at night. Point it forward and it sends a cooling, gentle breeze. Point it upward and it pulls down the heat in winter to more efficiently heat a room. Air Flow This fan is much cheaper than blameless fans but the airflow feels gentler than a regular fan Ease of Use Just plug it in, adjust the air flow, and that's it!



Works great for such a little fan


When I was traveling to a very hot country in Asia, I purchased one of the Vorando personal portable fans for myself. I knew I wasn't going to be able to stand the heat because I live in California and we're so spoiled with good weather all the time. To my surprise this little fan was very powerful. It kept me cool on long walks and inside travel terminals or restaurants that did not have air conditioning. The fan is only about 5x5x3 inches, and less than 2 pounds. It comes in many different colors and has 2 speed controls. It also flips and oscillates. It circulates the air very well and is amazingly pretty quiet. It's great for travel and camping. It's so portable and small that it can even fit in a jacket pocket!

El Monte, CA


really blows


This Vornado fan really blows! It is very powerful and having 2 speeds is really helpful. The high speed is too powerful to use on my desk at work. It blows everything away. It is very nice to have under the desk and it cools all around when down there. The lower speed is just right to use when on the desk. It is always uncomfortably warm in my office even with the air conditioner going so this is very nice to have. I have noticed that there are several desks around me that now have this fan on them. It is a good value for the money.

Salt Lake City, UT




**Dont let the small size fool you..This small but practical, little table top fan, is great anywhere you will be seating for a great while..Its small, but its mighty..Its so quiet and its practical, inexpensive, and easy to carry.  This portable fan is very practical and can be carried anywhere its needed.. The ergonomic design is very modern and can add a modern touch to any desk, counter top or student dorm..Dont let the size stop you from buying it, you wont be disapointed..It is very quiet and does its job just as a bigger or powerful fan would..I am very satisfied with this modern little fan. I have 4 of them, neatly placed in all of our computer desks, for the comfort of my children while they do their homework on their computer desks...it keeps them cool and helps the computer not to heat up  the space around it...I love this little guy!!**    

Coronado, CA


The Vornado CR1-0094-42 Portable Fan has a to limited air flow.


**The Vornado CR1-0094-42 portable fan is nice as a space saver, and looks quite nice.  It has a decent amount of settings for the size of fan it is, but puts out very little air flow even on the highest setting.** **This is a great little fan for just close up a use, but is not functional for anything beyond that.  If you are in the market for a personal use fan instead of a room coverage type fan, this would be a wonderful investment and very usable for desk top, by the bed, or strategically placed while working in the kitchen or elsewhere in the home.**

Westport, WA


Vornado Portable Fan

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