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Viking Professional Hand Blender, Bright Red - OPEN BOX

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Beautiful and durable.


My very first hand blender was this Viking hand blender. I was initally unsure if I would like the hand blender, but I very much do. The blender is great for a varierty of kitchen uses. I love using the blender to much smoothies and soups. The hand blender takes up very little kitchen space. The blender is easy to find and easy to grab when you are in a hurry. Blending Power This hand blender has power! It is suprising for such a small handheld item. Versatility Can be used on multiple cooking projects such as soups, smoothies and/or cake recipes. Ease of Cleaning I personally think the hand blender is easier to clean than the traditional blender. Ease of Use Very easy to use. Very easy to store. Design The Viking hand blender not only looks industrial and tough, but comes in a wide variety of colors. The hand blender that I purchased was a bold red. Durability Very duriable and had an industrial feel. The hand blender does not feel light or flimsy, but is not too heavy to hold.




nice powerful blender


like this blender. even though it is hand held, it has professional strength blending abilities Blending Power professional strength blending power in a small easy to use hand held Versatility you can use this blender on a variety of foods and it will work with no problems Ease of Cleaning super easy to clean, just detach and rinse Ease of Use super easy to use buttons and very clear instructions, i let my 4 year old use it to help me cook all the time and he has no problems operating it himself Design really nice sleek and modern design that is nice to have out in the kitchen Durability i have had mine for a few years now and never had a problem with it messing up


Tallahassee, FL


Viking Professional Hand Blender, Bright Red - OPEN BOX

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