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KitchenAid 5-speed Immersion Blender


Unlike blenders operating on alternating current (AC) this KitchenAid hand blender is equipped with a powerful, quiet direct current (DC) motor for long-lasting, controlled blending. Performs beyond regular immersion blenders with 5 speeds, 8" removable arm and 3 interchangeable bell blades for task-specific precision. Includes "S" blade to puree, blend, shred or crush ice for drinks or smoothies. Multipurpose blade quickly chops or minces dense foods. Beater blade blends pancake batter, whips cream or froths. With the extra-long arm, this hand immersion blender reaches to the bottom of stockpots, blending hot or cold ingredients, and twist locks for sturdy, steadfast operation. Removable pan guard for blade attachments preserves side walls of mixing bowls or cookware. This immersion blender is the perfect combination of torque and handheld efficiency to simplify prep. The 2 1/2-cup chopper bowl chops onions and peppers for salsa or dip, chops meats, cheeses or vegetables for hors d'oeuvres, soups or casseroles, chops nuts for desserts. Premium 5-speed hand blender also includes stainless-steel whisk attachment to whip sauces, dressings or aerate batters. Soft-grip, nonslip ergonomic handle with one-touch control provides superior comfort for easy single-handed operation. Sturdy 2 1/2" Dia. arm for firm control. BPA-free chopper cup and pitcher. Extra-long 60"L cord. Removable parts are dishwasher-safe. Includes: • 8" removable arm • 1-qt. blending pitcher with lid • 2 1/2-cup chopper cup • Whisk attachment • Interchangeable pan guard • Storage case Since the first stand mixer was introduced in the early 1900s, the KitchenAid brand has been acclaimed internationally for performance. Inventors of timesaving kitchen appliances, KitchenAid products are the result of extensive testing and research.

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Very handy


I bought this product months ago and it has been a great kitchen tool for making soups, gravy, smoothies and even comes with a beater attachment.



Wonderful Product


Thanks for such a wonderful product


Didn't know I needed this until I started adulting


I received this as a wedding gift years ago and recently bought a new one after my toddler threw mine into the bathtub! These are great for making baby purées, soups and smoothies. I also use it to hide veggies and meat into sauces so my kids get their protein and vegetable servings without knowing it. My husband hates onions so whenever I made spaghetti sauce I'll cook the onions then use this to blend them into the sauce. He's clueless and brags about how good my sauce is! I'll steam carrots and blend them into a cheese sauce for my kids Mac n cheese. I've made cheesecake with this. It's uses really are endless.



must get for your kitchen


I was not so sure about the fact of the new version having fewer speeds but I was definitely satisfied tofind that this has all of the power of the one it replaced and I really don't miss the in-between speeds. It Blend, mix, chop, process the food it definitely does a lot more then I expectedAnd I especially like the touch of the removable non-stick cookware guards on the bottom!

Omaha nebraska


So amazing!


I used this for all kinds of stuff in the kitchen. I have used for baking cakes and cupcakes. Also used as a food processor and blender. Has tons of uses.

Belton, Tx


Love my Immersion Blender


This immersion blender makes things so easy. It's great for shakes and smoothies, mixed iced drinks and breaking vegetables for soups and purees. Also good for blending sauces to make sure there are no lumps and making salsa. Clean up is easy. There is nothing I have attempted so far that this cannot handle. Great kitchen tool. Small enough to fit in a drawer to save counter space.

Little Rock, Ar





Tucson Az


Amazing fast


I've never used an immersion blender before I purchased this one. It works great. Good for deep dishes or pots. Still learning all the different blades.

Lake, Mi


fantastic hand blender


Fantastic device! I had been reading reviews of hand blenders like this over the past couple of years, and had been considering picking one up for some time now. We were at Thanksgiving dinner at a relative's house this past November, and our host had a smaller stick blender - another brand - that he used a few times during meal prep. I was, frankly, blown away by the ease with which he was able to transform 20lbs of boiled potatoes into whipped potatoes, and was sold on the concept right there. At the end of the meal, I also watched as he used it to chop up leftover cooked veggies and turkey into broth that he was converting into a beautiful soup. I noticed, though, that while he worked, he complained a bit that the unit he was using (not the Kitchenaid in this review - another brand) was under-powered, and that he had to give it a rest fairly frequently. I kept that in mind while searching my the one that I would choose for myself. The week after Thanksgiving, I started searching, read dozens of reviews, compared brands, models, length, attachments, materials (including metal vs. plastic), features, etc. This Kitchenaid KHB2571SX stood out for me in several ways. It's extremely powerful and can likely handle thicker liquids, tougher items that need shredding or chopping, is more versatile than most with a LONG extension arm that can easily reach the bottom of a deep cooking pot, and is generally built like a rock. It's very easy to assemble and disassemble, comfortable to hold and operate, and the motor is one of the quietest on the market, with little vibration when in use. I love the storage case that comes with it as well -- it's like an attache case, with separate compartments for each piece, so it's easy to put away, knowing you can find all the needed parts next time you need to use the blender. I used it at Christmas, and it was fantastic for whipped potatoes. These were the smoothest -- and easiest to make -- I've ever made. We've used it for soups and w

san josé


Kitchen Good


I love this



KitchenAid 5-speed Immersion Blender

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