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Victoria's Secret
Victoria's Secret Pink with a Splash Warm and Cozy

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I love this perfume so much! I got it for christmas from my neighbors. I had never tried this before, but I have seen it at the Victoria Secret before. I always thought about trying it,but I never bought it. So when I opened my gift, I was super excited. It smells so good. I use it all the time. I use it before school, before I go out anywhere, or even when I go to bed. It just has this smell to it and you don't want to stop putting it on. I was very satisfied with this product. I thanked my neighbors over and over again because I had been wanting it for awhile and they knew exactly the one I wanted. I would reccommend this to anyone that loves to smell good. You will be very happy and thankful that you bought this. It smells great and the scent stays on you for awhile. I love all of Victoria Secrets perfumes and lotions. This is one of my favorite perfumes in the PINK! collection. I hope this helps and I hope you enjoy your perfume.


Mogadore, OH


Victoria's Secret PINK warm & cozy smells sooo delicious!


Victoria's Secret PINK with a splash Warm & Cozy smells so good!! It's one of those fragrances that someone just loves. It kind of smells like cotton candy with hints of tangerine and vanilla.  I like to use a little before I go out. The good this is that it's **not **overpowering or too strong, it's not too light either, its just in between. It's a fragrance that your boyfriend will surely love on you and your friends will certainly want to know what your wearing. I also like the packaging, it's very pleasing to the eye and would be great as a personal item or as a gift. The price is also not too much, plus the good thing is that Victoria Secret has good sales and you can find some Victoria Secret products at Bath and Body Works. Definatly a worthwhile product!


San Diego, CA


Victoria's Secret Pink with a Splash Warm and Cozy

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