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Body Mist, Fragrance Mist
Degree Sexy Intrigue

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Degree Sexy Intrigue- Strong Body Mist!


This is a review for Degree Sexy Intrigue. I bought this with the Degree brand name in mind as a deodorant maker. This is one of the products from their line of Degree Fine Fragrances. I sprayed it on sparingly as I would use a deodorant and found that the scent was too stong, quite heady, more like a perfume. My use for this product is spraying it on sparingly before going out with the girls or after a workout. I use it specifically underarm because it irritated sensitive skin areas (my neck) and I had developed mild rashes. It is labelled as well as a Body Mist. Because the scent is so strong and due to my skin reaction, spraying it generously over the body is too much for me. I also tried another scent in the product line: Classic Romance because I bought it at the same time and it was the same. This product does however dry well (being alcohol based) and is long-lasting. The spray bottle is also perfectly sized for a bag or purse.


Los Angeles, CA


Degree hit the nail on the head with this one!


Degree has created the perfect body mist. The scent lasts longer than most of my perfumes i have at home. It smells wonderful. I absolutely love this product! It is very inexpensive too that makes it either better.


Ocilla, GA


Degree Sexy Intrigue - I like to wear it to bed


I had been meaning to try this for a while and had seen it in a variety of stores. One day I scored a deal on a little bottle and enjoy putting it on when I take a shower before bed. It livens things up a little and also leaves a nice scent on my sheets that lingers for days after I use it. Some of you might object to having fragrance on your sheets, or think the scent is too much and shouldn't hang around after the next morning, or some of you m ight have allergies and need to be aware of this aspect. For me, this enhances what a small bottle of fragrance has to offer. It's a nice, quiet scent that reminds me of certain nice days. I don't really wear it out to events because, for some reason, I associate it with bedtime. Maybe it's the packaging? Or maybe it's because Degree makes deodorant? I'm not sure how I developed this association, but I have a "big girls" perfume I wear out for special evening - otherwise I don't wear perfume at all. I could also see women using this after going to the gym. It would be nice enough to overpower any stinky gym odor or clothes lingering around on you or your stuff after a nice work out.


Austin, TX


Sexy Intrigue smells great, but can smell a little 'cheap'...


Degree Fine Fragrance Sexy Intrigue has a great scent, but it is a little expensive. It has a good strong and fresh smell, but can be a little bit overpowering. I used it a lot this summer when I was working outside. I hated getting sweaty and smelly and so would freshen up with a bit of this body mist. I did get comments from coworkers about how strong it was and how it smelled a little "cheap," almost as if someone were wearing it to seduce someone. That's NOT a label I ever wanted, so it was difficult for me to bring myself to use it again. I still use it every once in a while, but probably would not purchase again, simply because of that instance. There is a possibility that he simply had smelled it right after I sprayed the body mist. The bottle is a little small for the cost. It's a great scent, but I doubt that I would buy it again because of how costy it was, even on sale. I have a hard time bringing myself to spend so much money on a fragrance.


Evansville, IN


degree fragrance mist - cheap but smells good


I decided to try out Degree Fine Fragrance Mist when there was a good sale and I used a coupon. It was very reasonably priced this way. I'm not a perfume expert - but I'd say that it is a little muskier. You can smell some vanilla in it. I like that it isn't too strong, but it does give you more fragrance than a typical fruity body spray. So often body sprays are just fruit or flower scents, so it is nice that this one has a scent more like perfume. The bottle is very small, and since it isn't very strong you can use several sprays a day. So it seemed like to bottle went pretty fast. I'm not sure if I would want to buy it at regular price, since it goes so quick. But if you can find a good deal it is worht it. I'd be interested in trying the deodorants, if the scent is similar, I think I'd prefer it to the typical "shower fresh" or baby powder scents you often see in the deodorant aisle. Overall, I'm happy with the purchase.


Oskaloosa, IA


Light and refreshing


If you are wanting a light and refreshing fragrance, then you should certainly try Sexy Intrigue by Degree.  What I found out with this product is that it has a very clean fragrance and it seems to last throughout the day.  If you are on a tight budget, I would certainly give this product a try and the other fragrances made by Degree.  I was very pleased with every aspect of this product. 


Mulvane, KS


My husband loves the way I smell


He gives me compliments each time I put this Degree Body Mist on.  I hope he isn't I say smell bad the rest of the time...ha!  Just kidding!  He just likes it and I do too.  I put it on at least twice a day.  The reason being when I go to bed at night I just like the fragrance so much I like to smell it while I go to sleep.  They have different fragrances.  My personal favorite is Sexy Intrigue.  And it does make me feel sexy.  It comes in an easy pump spray with a cap.  It is a 3 oz bottle which last forever it seems.  It isn't oily and doesn't stain your clothes...which is a plus for me.  And the best thing it isn't expensive at all.  It is available most stores that sell deodorants.  That is where you find them...by the Degree deodorant.  I got them free of coarse with my coupon savvy life.  I waited and stacked coupons at target when the were on price cut.  The smell is strong when you first put it on but lightens up after a while.  Myself ... I like a strong fragrance.  I like people to think..hey she smells nice.  Get some...you'll like it.


Haubstadt, IN


The best perfume


Oh my it is the best perfume you could ever buy. You can go to like any store really and pick it up for such a great price. It isnt to strong but you can definetly smell it everyone always says I smell great and I love it.  The best part is it stays on and boy does it smell soooooo good. Uh I could smell it all day long. It is not in a fancy glass bottle it is in a plastic container but it also looks good. I made my friends try it and suprose they love it too. You can thank me later!


Arlington Heights, IL


Degree Women-Sexy Intrigue Body Mist. Excellent buy!!


Ooooo la la!! What an intriguing product this is. From the first time I smelled it, it was love at first smell. The aroma is very enticing yet not too overbearing or too strong, it is just perfect. Probably my favorite smell in the whole world. It is a sophisticated yet youthful smell. Ppleasant to both young and old alike. I wish I could have limitless access to this product, I hope the makers never stop making and selling it. My favorite color is purple and the bottle and mist are purple too so it is a great fit for me. I LOVE IT!! I am one of those people who is always conscious about those with no tolerance for perfume so I worry that my smell might trigger their migraines, yet this body mist is so light and airy that it doesn't cause a problem. I look forward to spraying this on me every morning and smelling great, even if it's just for myself. Sexy Intrigue is definitely the right name for it; it exudes sexiness, confidence, professionalism, and maturity. Yet it is a smell that a youthful teenager can use too. You definitely must try it.


Tacoma, WA


I get so many compliments on Sexy Intrigue by Degree


I had a coupon for Degree deodorant. if I bought the deordorant i got the mist free. Ibought the mist and everyone loves it. My favorite perfume is Chanel #5 which is expensive. i can hinestly say I get more compliments on the Degree Sexy Intrigue. It is wonderful and easy to use.


Phoenix, AZ


Degree Sexy Intrigue

4.2 10