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Vaseline Intensive Care Active Firming Deep Smoothing Lotion

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The feeling you get after you used it is amazingly soft.


This product is amazingly good for the price. It does firms up your skin in minutes, is not expensive and the feeling lasts longer that most other creams I have used in the past.  The Vaseline name is reputable and safe to use.  No gimmicks or promises.  Just a good lotion to smooth on before going to bed or after a nice shower.


Fort Lauderdale, FL


A Great, Everyday Skin Lotion


This product is a great, everyday use, product.  Vaseline is a well known brand, and their products are always reliable.  The  **Vaseline Intensive Care Active Firming Deep Smoothing Lotion **is long lasting and doesn't give you that "greasy" feeling.  I believe it to be a great value for your money and another plus is that it is easily found in most stores.


Caledonia, NY


long lasting


I am not 100% convinced that this lotion work wonders for firming, which I didn't really expect, but I do like it overall. I have been loosing a substatial anount of weight lately and have been using this lotion religiously to try and keep my skin moisturized and avoid hangy skin. I do feel that it has helped somewhat and my skin definitly feels good and healthy, just no dramatic results. I will say that this lotion lasts! I usually apply it after I get out of the shower at night and I still feel really moisturized althroughout the next day.. and then some. Also FYI, I am a licensed Esthetician.


San Jose, CA


Vaseline Intensive Care Active Firming Deep Smoothing Lotion

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