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Van Ness
Van Ness Enclosed Cat Pan

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Van Ness Makes the Best Cat Pans!


I truly believe that Van Ness makes the best litter boxes. I have had and been using the same Van Ness Enclosed Litter Box for 15 years! It is durable, well made, and all of my cats love it. I have seen and used other brands of litter boxes throughout the years, but nothing compares to Van Ness litter boxes. They come in a variery of sizes and I have a large one that has a cover, which helps to cut down on cat litter being spread and tracked throughout my house. My cats love it because it is enclosed which provides them with privacy and I think they like its coziness. I cannot say enough about how much I **love** this brand. It is easy to clean and has never let me down over the years. It is large enough to hold a considerable amount of litter and provides my cats with enough room to roam around and find the perfect spot. The top is vented and has slide in air fresheners which help to eliminate and stop odors frome escaping the litter box. I highly recommend this brand of litter boxes if you have cats.

Palm Bay, FL


Van Ness Enclosed Cat Pan

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